who resonates with you?

over the last few weeks i have been talking about giving a huge f*ck, finding your fight song, being moved by your message, and talking about the stuff that really matters to you… even though not everyone will like it!

this week let’s share some inspiration!

here are some of the entrepreneurs and businesses who i believe do an amazing job of being really clear about what it is they stand for and care deeply about.

denise duffield-thomas is the lucky bitch and is passionate about helping women in biz release their money blocks/money fears & build a good relationship with money.

natalie sisson is the suitcase entrepreneur and she is on a mission to help entrepreneurs create FREEDOM inlife… live life on your terms, live your dream lifestyle.

fifth element life is the home of sarah wilder, the queen of mandalas, who is genuinely excited to offer people talismans or symbols of their own wisdom, power, and truth… a catalyst for self-discovery and alignment.

danielle laporte is the creator of the desire map and her message, her products, her mission are all about what she considers to be the most creative force in the universe: desire… our relationship to “wanting”, and how we create lives that we love living.

nettles tale is a swimsuit company founded by julia church which designs honest swimwear for everyday women of all shapes, sizes, and ages. they are deeply driven to empower women to not just accept themselves, but LOVE themselves.

these women & businesses are all very different but they have one thing in common – their messages resonate.

i have studied these brands in detail, and what i have discovered is that there are some key features that we can all learn from and utilize ourselves in our own businesses.

  1. they share their personal stories and their own journey is a basis for their business
  2. they have a clear thing that they care deeply about and that they are known for
  3. their *thing* and their message are strongly reflected in their branding and marketing
  4. their message clearly resonates in a powerful way with their right audience
  5. in telling their story & sharing their message, they make their customer the hero of their story

i am super excited to share everything that i have learned, experimented with myself, and studied in others. resonate is a new online workshop coming out in july (and is available for pre-order right now!)

resonate teaches the exact steps that i have used to create the lighthouse revolution, and includes in depth case studies of each of the 5 brands listed above. i am truly so excited to share this stuff with you all because i know what a huge difference it makes!

but the thing we must remember about creating a brand & sharing a message that resonates is that it won’t resonate with everyone! the whole idea of resonate is that it strikes a chord or rings true... with YOU.

what strikes a chord for me may not for you, and vice versa. and that is one of the most liberating benefits of creating a brand that resonates – it gives you complete permission to be you and focus on your customers only!

there are many other brands that resonate with me – but i would love to know is which women in biz and/or brands resonate with you?

what makes you think “yes yes yes! this is so me! you are speaking my truth!” or “omg i have been searching for this and i finally found it and you are so awesome!” or “let me give you all my money. i will buy ANYTHING you do!”

do share! i would love to hear what is resonating with you – and why!

i think we can learn so much from and be deeply inspired by the brands that we resonate with! surround yourself with people who are doing awesome things. 

PS i have a free class about what it means to beam your message out in a way that resonates – but it is only available for one more day! click here for instant access. you can pre-order the resonate workshop right now and save $$$! awesome right? click here. and i am also going to do a live persiscope on this topic on tuesday @ noon adelaide time! are you on periscope? i am @karengunton – do come say hi!

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