karen gunton

i am...

a teacher.

a writer.

a speaker.

a creator.

an unstucktor.

a light igniter.

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this is what i know for sure.

we are here for a reason. we deserve a life that lights us up. we deserve to shine in any way we choose. 

we need to be self-leaders. we can change things. we can get unstuck. we can get ignited. we can rise up.

we are already light. we can tune into our inner light. we can peel away layers of our purpose. we can expand.

we are here to shine. and the best way to do that is to be a lighthouse.

and so i am on a mission.

a mission to help people ignite their light. to overcome stuckness and rise up. to take steps forward to more of what they want in life. to be their highest, brightest self.

my mission is the lighthouse revolution. it's a revolution because it's a new way of thinking... it's about being your own hero and overcoming the stuckness or the darkness that holds you back...  and it's about coming back, full circle, to who you were born to be. 

i teach people about self-leadership. practical strategies to get unstuck, take steps forward, feel ignited, and rise up, empowered, to do whatever it is you want more of in your life. 

if you've been feeling lost, or stuck, or not very ignited at all...

if you've been thinking there must be more to life than this... or thinking who am i to shine....

if you've been feeling ready for more, ready for the next steps, ready to shine even brighter...

i would love to help you on your journey!

products & services

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for writers & creators

workshops & services to bring your project to life

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for self-leadership

to get ignited, get unstuck, and move forward

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for intuition & exploration

oracle deck & resources

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for more...

books, workbooks, journals & more

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