resonate: your story. your message. your brand.

your story

we know storytelling is a highly effective marketing tool, but...

how do we make sure that the stories we tell are related to the products we sell? and what about those of us who feel like we don't really have any interesting stories to tell... how can we tell stories that are applicable, and resonate with our audience?

your message

having a clear, specific message is a big key to effective marketing. but...

what happens when other businesses have a similar message to ours, how do we stand out? what if our message is kind of bland or not making much of an impact?  how do we make sure that our message is clear and powerful... that it will actually resonate with our audience?

your brand

your brand is so much more than your logo, it is how you send your message, it is what you wish to be known for! but...

how do we make sure we are building a brand that actually stands out in the marketplace? one that is memorable and trustworthy? how can we take what we are already doing and make it even better... to create something that truly resonates?

the resonate workshop will help you to become an effective story teller with a crystal clear, powerful message, and a memorable, effective brand.

The Resonate workshop helped me to connect the latent symbolism already in my business with a clear passion and message. And now I am feeling so confident about my business and my business message.

In the last week alone, I have noticed my business growing and people really connecting and resonating with my message. I’m still refining it, but the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. All thanks to you, Karen! I can’t thank you enough.
— Stevie Lynne ~ Lilac Frog Assistant

resonate: strike a chord. ring true. vibrate strongly.

i would guess that all entrepreneurs long to have a message that resonates. but how do you actually do that?

branding has always been a passion of mine, but over the course of starting the lighthouse revolution, i've learnt new, powerful lessons about creating a brand and telling a story that resonates.

as you may know, i’ve shared my own story of what the lighthouse means to me, and have now effectively built the lighthouse into my message and my brand. 

one of the most common questions i get is...

"how can i do something like what you have done with the lighthouse? how can i find my own 'lighthouse'?"

i created the resonate workshop to teach you exactly what i have done with my story, my message, and my brand, and to help you to find your own version of the 'lighthouse' for your brand.

could you find your own 'thing' and tell a compelling brand story that resonates all on your own?


this has definitely been an organic process for me - one that has taken 10 years and lots of twists and turns to come to fruition. and i have no doubt that it will keep evolving! many of the successful women in biz that i have studied have crafted their own powerful brand story over time as well. 

you already have exactly what you need to resonate.

you have the personal stories and the authentic passion and the signature elements that will really make an impact for your message - you just need to bring it all together to create something truly powerful. you need to tap into your own magic!

what i would love to do, and why i am so excited to share this workshop with you, is to make it easier for you! i want to teach you the steps and strategies that will make a big difference to your efforts.

i want to save you time and help you get onto the stuff that will really resonate right away so that you can get your message out there and earn more money doing what you love!

i also hope to save you a lot of the trial and error that a 10 year organic journey includes, the frustration when it feels like things aren't coming together in an impactful way, and the crushing disappointment when things DON'T resonate and you are met with crickets. 

you will learn both what works and what doesn't work, and you will learn simple strategies that you can apply to your business right away. this is not a long drawn out process, you can start doing the stuff that resonates right away!

of course the lighthouse is not the only brand story to learn from! 

i’ve also included case studies of other women in biz who have awesome, successful, story-driven brands that resonate in powerful ways; including:

denise duffield-thomas - the lucky bitch

natalie sisson - the suitcase entrepreneur

sarah wilder - the fifth element life

danielle laport - the desire map

nettle's tale - swimsuits that empower women

plus i have done an UN-case study of brands that "break the rules" and still resonate! including:

marie forleo, leonie dawson, and toms

the resonate workshop will teach you simple strategies to hone in on the core stories of your own journey and build them into your brand as a tool to connect with your audience, move people to take action, and be significant in the marketplace.

The Resonate workshop helped me to gain clarity and vision around my purpose, story and message to share with the world. Karen has an amazing way of engaging the audience and I felt so connected to what she was sharing that it felt like she was just speaking with me. To me this sums up Resonate, as it felt like she was resonating deeply with each soul she was connecting with.

I feel re inspired and ready to create. I had many light bulb moments and it allowed me to connect with my personal story in a way I hadn’t before. I now want to share my story to inspire others to live a life connected to their heart and soul. Now I am excited to share my message with the world through running workshops, speaking and writing.

Thank you Karen for your honesty, integrity, vulnerability and beautiful heart. You’re a beautiful soul x
— Kat Ellis McIntyre

about the workshop:

  • the workshop is online, instant access, and DIY. this means you can do it when you want, how you want, in a timeline that makes sense to you. it is set up to be completely DIY but i do not want to leave you trying to work everything out on your own! i am available in the #lighthouserevolution group forum to answer questions & help you brainstorm. i will also regularly share examples & inspiration there to help you keep working at your own brand story.

  • the workshop contains 5 lessons; each with video or audio instruction (you choose what you like best!), printable class notes with the key points outlined (so you don't have to take notes!), and printable worksheets (to help you do the homework).

    the 5 lessons will teach you how to:
    • hone in on your stories - the ones that will resonate with your customers
    • understand your customer's stories and help them be the hero of their own story
    • create a powerful message and symbol for your biz (your own version of the lighthouse)
    • add it all to your branding & marketing in a significant, effective way
    • become a powerful storyteller... a messenger for your brand & mission... a leader in your field.

  • it includes 5 comprehensive case studies of successful, beloved brands that have the key elements of a story based brand, plus we'll look at some brands that don't have all of the elements outlined in this workshop but are still massively successful! what i want to do is to show you a number of real life examples so that you can take what will work for you and apply it to your biz right away.

  • you also get a completely transparent, behind the scenes analysis of the lighthouse revolution. i share the full journey with you and highlight the stuff that really resonated and the stuff that was a complete flop, as well as the stuff that helped me to hone in on exactly what i needed my message to be. by sharing all of the successes and failures, the ah-has and roadbloacks, i hope to save you a lot of trial and error, and get directly to the stuff that will make a difference in your biz.
The Resonate workshop helped me to focus on the people that matters.

When we have a strong message, it feels scary to share it with the world, some days we can think: why bother? everyone will hate it. But Karen helped me see that my message will resonate with someone and that’s the people who matter. If we can make a positive impact in one person’s life, our job is done, and it was worthy.

Now I am excited to share my message and the why behind my business, and in so connecting with the right people.
— Denise Da Costa

what difference will this make to your biz? 

you will get clarity about your purpose & your message

you will build your following of ideal customers, the ones who truly resonate with your message. 

you will do more in your zone of genius, doing the work that you are here to do! 

you will be able to link your stories to your product and brand in order to send a clear. powerful message... finally everything will work together, and work for your biz!

you will be able to sell more and earn more money by becoming a memorable, significant brand in your niche.


cost: $200

notes: cost in AUD. 10% GST will be added on for australian residents.

Karen’s RESONATE workshop was 100% inspirational. Resonate is one of my favourite words so I was excited at the thought of how the workshop would unfold. It helped me to step back and look at my business in a whole new light … like a lighthouse. I realised that I want my core values, which are also my businesses core values to shine bright, stand strong and be something that helps others. Karen presented her wisdom in such an insightful way; it gave me time to reflect, it made me go oooh and arrrr, it helped me question what I am doing right and what I am doing that needs work, and most importantly, for me, it gave me lots of ah-ha moments. To quote Karen … “who am I NOT to do this”.

I left Karen’s workshop elated, excited and exhausted. The exhaustion was actually a wonderful feeling as I had LOTS of information to digest and work with. I am uber excited to put things into action. I now have the insight that I REALLY need to share my mission, knowing that my personal passion is contagious. Thank you Karen. I want to share my personal story and reach all of the beautiful stitchers across the world telling them exactly why I do what I do. I am pumped about creating a video to tell everyone exactly this. It will go with the launch of my new website. What great timing!

Honestly I could go on forever. I am looking forward to when I can hear Karen speak again. Air high fives beautiful woman. XOXO
— Sonia Lyne