karen gunton

be your highest, brightest self...

live a life that lights you up...

shine in any way you choose.

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i want to help you shine... and i believe there are three things that will help...

being yourself

honour your strengths, remember your gifts, find your purpose, express yourself authentically.

building yourself up

build your mindset, your confidence, your worthiness... stretch out of your comfort zone.

moving yourself forwards

get unstuck, take action, make a change in your life... do more of what you say you want.

these are all important acts of self-leadership... and this is what i hope to help you do…

be your own leader! take yourself by the hand, pull yourself up out of your stuckness, rise up, and be the person you were born to be. ignite your own light!

i believe that we are here for a reason, we each have a light we are meant to shine.

be the lighthouse.

a lighthouse is the perfect vehicle to help us rise up and shine our light in the world. learn how to be the keeper of your own light...

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for self-leadership

to get ignited, get unstuck, and move forward

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for writers & creators

workshops & services to bring your project to life

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for intuition & exploration

oracle deck & resources

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for more...

books, workbooks, journals & more


it's your time to shine.

if you have lost your light... let's find it.

if your light is dim... let's ignite it.

if you feel like you haven't got a light to shine... let's learn what it is!

if your life doesn't light you up... let's make a change.

if you are so ready to rise up and shine... let's take the next steps!

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