be moved by your message

last week i wrote a blog post that contained both swearing and my thoughts on a controversial topic. as you can imagine, it certainly wasn’t to everyone’s tastes – some people hated it. i got some hate mail, i had people unsubscribe, and i lost customers.

i’m ok with that.

because some people loved it. some people wrote to tell me that they were moved by that message – that it inspired them to take action, to keep fighting, to share their own message in even bolder ways. i had people tell me that it was exactly what they needed to hear that day. i gained subscribers, my post was shared by some new online friends, and hopefully it will help me to connect with more of the right customers.

when you have some people hate you and some people love you, it is such a good sign. it means that your message is bold. blandness does not polarize. and if no one hates it, no one really loves it either – it’s just kind of meh.

so when you get hate mail, when you get unsubscribers, when you get comments saying wow i really don’t like that – do a little happy dance! it means that you did good!

(and then focus on the messages of love and thanks and wow that rocked!)

that blog post came straight from my heart.

i just opened up my notebook and started writing. i didn’t over think it – i didn’t let myself worry about swearing or turning people off or being too ranty.

i just wrote exactly what was on my mind and in my heart. and then i hit publish.

i will admit though, the hard part came when i had to actually share and promote the blog post – tell people what i wrote, ask people to pop over for a read.

you see, it’s not enough to just shine your light – you have to actually beam that light out – far and wide like a bright beacon! you have to raise your voice and be visible and make sure that your message reaches others.

a lighthouse isn’t really worth much if it is just a small dim light that no one can see!

and that is often when the fear kicks in.

the little voice in your head that says – no no no this isn’t safe, this is a bad idea, this will cost you, people won’t like you… danger danger! stay small. stay safe. stay comfy. please i beg of you!

i call that voice my inner pet dragon. it’s a naughty little pet – it means well, it is just trying to pull you away from danger, but it needs to be told to stay, sit, stop. it needs you to be in charge.

that inner dragon is always going to pipe up when you push yourself out of your comfort zone.

the thing is that in order to get your message out to the world you need to push yourself out of your comfort zone!

gabrielle bernstein says that when you are moved by your message, your message will move the masses.

in order to be moved yourself you need to get personal. you need to get fired up. you need to get emotional. or rant. or swear. or let your crazy sense of humour shine through. or take a stand on something controversial.

bland is boring. yes it’s safe and comfy, there are no scary risks to being bland. but it won’t move the masses.

to move the masses you need to be vulnerable.

you need to put yourself out there in ways that might not feel so safe or comfy. you need to allow yourself to be moved... to speak right from the heart.

and that is going to require that you see that inner dragon for what it is – a voice that is trying to keep you small and safe - and tell it to go sit in the corner. to know that yes it’s scary, but you are going to go ahead and do it anyways.

be moved by your message. share your message with the masses. beam your light far & wide.

ps if you are reading this and thinking: but HOW do we be moved by our own message? HOW to we share our message in a way that will resonate with those *right* people who will love it? join me for a free online class tomorrow! i will share strategies to help you be moved, and to help you beam your message out loud & clear. click here!

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