maybe love is the thing

do you have kids? are they obsessed with the movie frozen? mine are. i feel like i constantly have the song “let it go” playing in my head!

if you aren’t familiar with this movie, it is about a girl (elsa) who is born with magic (she can freeze things with her hands) and is told early on to be afraid of her power. she grows up in fear, hiding who she is and what she does. “don’t let them in, don’t let them see…”

of course it all goes to shit, she freezes her land, and runs away in fear. at the end she discovers that love is the thing that fixes it all,  allows her to use her magic and be happy.

love is the thing.

imagine if elsa had been taught that right from the start? what a different story it would have been. she would have believed in herself. she would have embraced her magic. she would have honoured her gifts and shared them with the world.

i think this is true for all of us.

we spend so much time listening to those subconscious fears that hold us back from using our magic. what if love is the thing?

in frozen, the trolls say that:

“heads can be fixed. hearts are harder.”

how true is that? i definitely spend time in my head: for instance building a strong entrepreneurial mindset and dissolving some of those limiting mindsets that hold me back. heads, thoughts, mindsets... this stuff is certainly helping.

but what about the heart? what if love is the thing i am missing?

how many times have you heard those voices in your head saying psssst…

  • you aren’t good enough (smart enough, talented enough, expert enough)
  • you can’t do this
  • you aren’t ready
  • you are going to fail at this
  • no one cares, no one is listening, no one will buy

now close your eyes and imagine this.

imagine your very best friend, your soul sister. imagine that you were thinking all of that negative crap about your bestie. now imagine that she found out that you felt that way.

how would you feel? how would she feel?

it would be horrifying.

of course, this wouldn’t happen. you are her cheerleader! her avid supporter and biggest fan. you wouldn’t think or say any of those things about her.

don’t say them about YOU either.

treat yourself with the same love you would give to your best friend.

i received a wonderful comment from Julia Bickerstaff about the lighthouse revolution:

“Maybe, when you happen to be inside the lighthouse you just can't see how damn bright it is!”

i think that love is the thing. love is a key part of building our lighthouse. we do need to look inside, and i think if we give ourselves some love, if we can actually make our light brighter.

my friend Clare Fitzgerald, who is an intuitive business coach, often says that i need to:

“get out of your head and into you heart”.

this reminds me to focus on my spark, my magic... what lights me up and is of service to others. messages about love and heart are coming my way a lot at the moment... so i am thinking that this also means we need to:

give yourself a little bit of love.

in frozen, the trolls say "everyone’s a bit of a fixer upper...but you can fix it with a little bit of love."  i don't actually think we need to be "fixed", i think you be YOU. but i also think that we each want to do and be our best in this life.

“throw a little bit of love their way & you’ll bring out their best”

so maybe love is the thing. it's worth a try don't you think?

(and my apologies if you have the music of frozen stuck in your head all day! perhaps now it will help you embrace your own magic. xx)

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