what to do when things totally suck

i am absolutely blown away by the amazing response the lighthouse revolution has received so far. if you haven’t read last week’s post yet, click here; it explains what i mean when i suggest we build a lighthouse.

and be sure to read the comments. your thoughts, and analogies have added so many facets to the symbol of the lighthouse…  i am so honoured that you all have shared your stories.

plus, i have this idea…

if you come across a message or image or object that reminds you of the lighthouse revolution will you please share a photo? use the hashtag #lighthouserevolution and/or tag @karengunton on pinterest, instagram, facebook, twitter or google+. i will share what you share so that we can connect with an even wider audience!

so… about those stormy seas.

let me tell you a story about a time i experienced massive failure.

yikes, i feel like i am breaking some sort of online business teacher code. “never let them see you fail. always show a professional face. fake it till you make it.” (or maybe that is just my subconscious talking.)

but i like to break rules, and i like to keep it real, so i am just going to bare it all here for the world to see.

recently i created & launched something new. i ticked all the boxes – i created an awesome free opt-in to build a dedicated list, i surveyed those folks to find out exactly what they were struggling with and they most wanted to learn next, i created my product to specifically serve those people and tested it to get feedback and testimonials, i wrote my sales page directly to them using their pain points and their dream situation, i planned out a launch marketing strategy.

on launch day i excitedly shared my thing with the world.

to crickets.

seriously, i did not get one single sale. not. one.

i was devastated.

all that time... wasted. the project that i was counting on bringing in a bulk of my earnings and leading on to other projects and earnings... a flop. my confidence in my business and in my abilities... gone.

but i decided that if i wanted to get past this i was going to have to think like a lighthouse. and lighthouses don’t get all wobbly in a storm. they don’t fall apart. they don’t run and hide. they don’t give up and break down.

(ok well i may have done some of those things. i fell apart and hid for a while. i was definitely wobbly.)

failure freaking sucks. my confidence definitely took a hit. the light was pretty dim.

but dammit, i didn’t want to stay in that space. i wanted to be a lighthouse.

why don’t lighthouses wobble in a storm?

they have a strong foundation.

so what is the foundation in our business journey? what is the stuff that is going to keep us solid,  standing tall, and staying strong?

this is what i am working on:

  • mindset – stuff around worthiness, resilience, abundance and certainty.
  • faith – that everything happens for a reason. that where i am right now is exactly where i am supposed to be.
  • thoughts – thoughts become things and the more i focused on the crappy stuff the more of it i was going to bring into my life. so i am working on shiny kick ass awesome thoughts instead.
  • space – a break from the stuff that has be feeling wobbly; some time, distance, and perspective.
  • spark – getting back to the work that ignites my light; for me this is creation, teaching, inspiration, brainstorming.
  • connection – being of service to my most awesome people; talking it out with amazing shiny women in biz who inspire me (and get me).

is it easy?


is it worth it?

hell yes.

is it working?

i think so. i survived the failure, i am in a good place, i am ready to get back on that horse, i am feeling excited about new ideas. i’m ok.

i read this today:

“where you stumble, lies your treasure.” lisa messenger – the renegade collective magazine

i’m choosing to keep my eyes peeled for that treasure.

and i am working on building the lighthouse .

the next time i am in stormy weather, i want my foundation to be strong enough to support me. i want tools to rise above it. and i want my light ignited so that i can stand there, shining.

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what things do you think successful entrepreneurs do to overcome failures? what do you think would help us to create a strong foundation for our lighthouse? i would love to hear from you.

seriously, your comments, emails, and facebook messages have meant more to me than words can adequately say.

and please do share those “lighthouse” moments with me in social media. i can’t wait to share what you share!