for when things don’t feel so shiny & bright

so i’ve been saying that it all starts with you. your biz is a reflection of you. you are here to share your purpose, to shine your light in this world.

easy right? 

except when it isn’t.

you are following your passion, going after your dream.

doing what the experts say you should do, following prescribed steps.

trying, trying, and trying again.

but it feels like nothing sticks. you’re not getting traction. you’re not achieving your goals.

some days you wonder if you should just give up.

or you feel totally frustrated because it’s not working!

yes i do think you should follow your passion. and yes of course it is good to follow advice from the experts who are trying to help you.

but one thing is often not addressed.

your own feelings, deep down… maybe even subconsciously.

you could be sabotaging your own success without even realizing it!

for instance if you have:

  • doubts: in your ability, your value, your worthiness
  • fears: of failure, of upsetting people, of what will happen if…
  • lack: of belief, of self-worth, of certainty, of positivity

this could be affecting your ability to achieve your success (whatever success looks like to you).

because, energetically, you get back what you put out into the world.

so though you may be following your passion and following the advice of experts, if fears and doubts and lack thinking are clouding your efforts, those efforts might fall flat.

think of it like this…

you are the lighthouse. you are shining your light. 

but if your windows are all cloudy and fogged up, your light appears quite dim… especially to those boats that you are shining for.

what is clouding up your windows?

what doubts, fears, and lacks are adding to the fog?

thoughts become things. the energy you put out into the world needs to match that what you wish to receive.

that energy comes from your thoughts, your emotions, AND your actions.

(so if you are only focusing on the actions… following those prescribed steps… then you might be missing some important components here!)

how can you clear the fog?

  1. keep working on that YOU stuff – build a positive mindset, be aware of your fears and worries, change your negative thoughts and emotions. all of this personal growth stuff can make a huge impact on what you are building… you need to build YOU too!
  2. get back to your why – do the stuff you really believe in, focus on helping people (or being of service), remind yourself of why what you do matters. sometimes we need to get back to the whole reason we started this journey in the first place… get back to the beginning!
  3. try taking alternate action – who says that it has to be done a certain way? give yourself permission to do things in a way that will work for you. cuz if you don’t believe the action will work, well then it probably won’t. and sometimes changing things up will be just the kickstart you need.

and please remember this…

even though things might not be working just now, even though you might be sabotaging yourself without even knowing it, it’s ok. you are not broken, you do not need to be fixed. you are simply you. part of this journey is about you sorting through this stuff so that you can go kick some ass!

don’t give up.

just perhaps look at things a new way. 

you have a light you are meant to shine. you are building a lighthouse. part of that is clearing away the fog. so keep working at it!

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