your biz is a reflection of you

i know that you are here because you are working on building a business, but what you might not realize is that you are also working on building YOU at the same time!

in order to build a business you need to build your confidence, build your self-worth, build your mindset, build resilience, build leadership, build courage, build strength…

your business journey is also your personal journey.

you are here doing this work for a reason. and it is so much bigger than the product you sell! 

i believe that each one of us has a purpose.

we have something that we are meant to do here, something we are meant to share with the world, a light that we are meant to shine.

i know how much work it is to figure out branding, and marketing, and selling, and planning, and systems, and administration… all of the jobs that make up the work of building a biz. 

but it all boils down to one thing…

your job is to share your purpose with the world…to shine your light.

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when you are feeling overwhelmed, when you are feeling stuck, when you are feeling lost…

remember that your job is to simply share what you do with the people who need it. 

that is what you are here to do. 

that’s what your branding is all about. that’s what your marketing is all about. that is what all of the personal growth stuff is all about. 

your biz is a reflection of you. 

it’s personal. it’s transformational. it matters.


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