the one truth

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when i spoke at the heart-centred biz conference #ladyposse2017 i had the opportunity to be on a panel, up on stage, answering questions from the audience. 

one powerful question we were asked: what is the one truth that you have learned along the way, that you can share with us now.

at the time i rambled on a bit about how our biz journey is a reflection of our soul journey so we have to be willing to do the work on ourselves as much as we work on our biz. it was an ok answer.

but i hopped off stage and the conference day ended and i went off to my suite and sat on my patio and poured myself a glass of wine and thought...


i wish i said something else.

i wish i said this instead...

it's not a long answer... it's short and simple and it's one you've heard before. but i think it needs to be said again... and again and again. until that truth becomes the first thing we say... not the one that comes to us much later.

so i'm sharing it here with the hope that someone out there needs this reminder.

with love...

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