click play on the video to find out what it means to be a lighthouse.

i believe that we are here for a reason.

we each have a purpose to discover and live. we each deserve to shine our light in whatever way we choose. we each deserve to feel accepted, and free, and fulfilled, and ignited.

we are here to light up.

nothing makes my heart ache more than to see someone whose light is lost, diminished, extinguished, hidden away, or forgotten.

and that is why i believe that it is time for a revolution... a time for us to choose to do things differently, to build ourselves up and do life differently...

to be a lighthouse.

i would like to help you create a shift in your business or life:

so that you can be the highest, brightest version of yourself... 

so that you can own your light in the world...

so that you can explore what lights you up... have a life that lights you up.

picture it in your mind: what would that look like for you? what it would mean to you?

maybe you feel like you don't have a light to shine - who am i to light up? i am nothing special! maybe it all just feels too hard - like it's easier to just stay in the stuck, small, safe, fine place you are in right now. or maybe the idea excites you - but you wonder where you would even begin?

the lighthouse is both a powerful symbol that reminds us that we are indeed here to shine our light in this world, as well as the model that will teach us how it's done.

join the lighthouse revolution.

learn how to build your lighthouse.

does the lighthouse message resonate with you?

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like yours, my journey is a winding one!

i started out my career path as a high school teacher. in 2006, when i moved to australia from canada, i decided not to go back to teaching in the classroom but i did miss having something of my own. i "accidentally" started a photography business in 2008 -- when people asked "how much do you charge" i figured i better learn about building a business! because i am a teacher, i tackled it like i would any other subject... learning about business became my full time business! in 2011, i started teaching about business marketing and branding, creating my own online workshops and workbooks, and coaching women in biz. in 2015 i decided to close down my original brand "build a little biz" because it no longer ignited me, and i felt called towards expanding and exploring my purpose once again... helping women to ignite their purpose, get unstuck, and build themselves up! i am an inspirational author, speaker, and teacher... and i love connecting with women wherever and whenever i can about how they can shine their light. 

i am an unstucktor. an igniter. an alchemist.

because i am a trained teacher, i have a really unique gift of making things click for people.... putting the pieces of the puzzle together, helping people get unstuck, and creating those ah ha moments that make all of the difference in our journey. i'm all about adding a mixture of strategy + soul in my teaching - a double approach that feels just right to women who want something practical delivered in an inspiring, heart-centred way. alchemy is about creating magic, turning something plain into gold, finding our purpose and our inner light. and that is what i want to do with you. i want to help you find you, be you, build you... own your light. it's more than coaching, it's more than teaching... it's alchemy.

i'm a bit weird. (i think weird is good.)

as you can see i never use capitals when i write. when i started this biz journey 7 years ago, i did try to do the *capitals thing* because i wanted to be "proper" and "professional" but it didn't feel like ME. i decided to stop trying to make my writing fit what i thought everyone else thought it should be. i gave myself permission to just be me. i like being me. you can read more about that decision here if you like. and i hope that if nothing else it inspires you to be YOU! and to share whatever badass, weirdness that makes you absolutely you.

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would you like some 1:1 support as you step into your mission, uplevel your business, amplify your message, ignite your purpose, or shine your light in the world with your work? perhaps you are feeling stuck, you've lost your mojo, or know that you've got some mindset work to do? i would love to help! 

have you got a big dream for yourself, a goal, a plan.. something you want to do or create or shift... but you just aren't getting anywhere? if you are ready to finally focus on your intention... to get ignited and clear your resistance so that you can take courageous action... the illuminate session is for you! it's a powerful combination of practical + intuitive + energetic and i would love to do a session for you!


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