spotlight on women with a mission

in this NEW spotlight session we are shining a light on women in biz who are on a mission. we start with an interview with jessica donovan, a client and a member of the elevate circle, who is in the middle of doing a mission ignition package with me right now, and has already experienced some massive shifts and great successes even as she has only just started sharing more about her mission. jess is sharing her story about why she was ready to explore her mission, how she has started using it to share her message and her offerings, and what plans she has next!

i then go on to share with you 11 real-life examples of successful businesses, brands, and women who are on a mission. we look at a variety of examples including product-based businesses, service-based businesses, and expertise-based businesses (coaching, courses, programs, etc) so there is something in here for everyone! 

finally, i give you a bit of practical homework to help you start thinking about how you can apply these very examples to your own business plans. this 1 hour spotlight session is for anyone who loves to learn by example, who loves to see what real women just like you are doing to be more visible, to reach more people, and have more impact with their message.


would you like to work together to ignite your mission? i have a special price on now for 5 women to join the 'mission ignition' 1:1 package. click through for all of the details!

if you are not quite ready to ignite your mission or invest in a 1:1 package, but you are definitely ready to beam your message out in a bigger way, and are ready to overcome that resistance that has been holding you back, consider booking in for an illuminate session (which is a combination of practical brainstorming + intuitive insight + energetic clearing to help you with your biz intentions.)