the shooting star project!

have you got a thing that you WANT to do this year but haven't got to yet?

  • maybe you had a bright idea, something you were excited about, but you put it in your 'toy box' for later and haven't come back to it yet!

  • maybe you put this thing on your to do list each month, and then transfer it to the next to do list.

  • maybe you have started something but never finished!

  • maybe you keep saying: one day, some day, or later… when the time is right.

i call this your * shooting star project *

…it's waiting inside of you, nudging you, just longing to be ignited. 

it could be a personal project, a project for your biz, or an idea that's been tapping you on the shoulder....

it could be something you want to create, start, learn, teach, offer, or explore…

it's time to turn that idea into reality.... to make it shine!

in this FREE 45 minute mini-workshop we will go through a simple 4 step process to map out your plans, unstuck your mindset, and bring that thing to life before the end of 2018!

all you need is a notebook and a pen... and your shooting star project idea. 

{ p.s. it helps if it is a specific, concrete thing (like 'write a book' vs something general like 'get healthy') and it helps if you actually WANT to do this thing (vs something that feels like a drag you 'should' do. ugh.) you can have more than one thing you want to make happen before the end of the year, but it helps to focus on just one at a time so bring the idea that excites you the most! }

let's get started!

yay! that's a start... now what will you do NEXT? take action today... it's the best way to tap into the ignited feeling that you have right now. i've got your project and your email so i will be checking in at the end of the year to see what you've done... and i will be watching for it on social media too... i am so excited to see you shine.

xo karen

would you like ongoing support as you work on your shooting star project?

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