you can do this AND that

a few months ago i was working on a project (on a deadline) and i was feeling totally stuck: just couldn’t sit down and get it done, kept procrastinating and getting distracted, feeling uninspired for ideas. 

you know the feeling, right?

so i tried all of my usual mantras. keep marching on (just get one little task done and then another and another.) it’s not a tattoo (it doesn’t have to be perfect, just get it out there!) you are someone’s 10/10 (people need this, you need to get it out there!).

but still nothing. 

i was talking to my friend clare (who is also a mentor and mastermind partner) and she said… “well what about the lighthouse stuff you have been planning on talking about?”

and i got all excited and animated (as i always do when talking about the lighthouse revolution) and proceeded to tell her those plans, but…

“first i have to get this project done. then i can do that lighthouse stuff.”

clare said “well can’t you do this AND that?”

but. but. but. (enter excuse here.)

how often do we do that? 

we can’t start selling our thing until our branding is done. 

we can’t get the word out about what we do because our website is not ready yet. 

we can’t talk about what we love because we don’t have the perfect domain name yet.

we can’t start teaching that thing until we have perfect videos & worksheets.

sometimes it is in starting anyways… doing this AND that… that we get clarity and things really start to come together.

and when we don’t do the stuff that calls to us, the stuff that makes our heart sing, the stuff that we would do even if we didn’t get paid, the stuff that the universe keep nudging and nudging us to do…

we totally block the flow for everything.

the reality is that we might really be on a deadline, or might absolutely have to get some things in place before we can truly focus on that other thing… but you can still make some time for it.

i went home from my conversation and grabbed a notebook and gave myself 30 minutes to brainstorm some ideas for the lighthouse revolution. after that i was able to focus on the project with the deadline. 

every day i make a little time for the lighthouse – i talk to someone about it, i do one small thing on my to do list, or i just jot down ideas & plans in my notebook.

as long as i keep the flow going of the stuff that lights me up, i keep the flow going in the other parts of my biz as well.

so the next time you find yourself saying:

i have to do this (insert thing you don’t really love but have to do) and THEN i can do that (insert thing you really love which ignites your spark and lights you up from within.)

give yourself permission to do this AND that.

you don’t have to wait for everything to be perfect, or for the timing to be just right, or for all your ducks to be in a row.

talk about it. brainstorm about it. plan it. dream it. find little ways to put it out there. 

let it flow instead of blocking it out or pushing it aside.

i bet the other work you are doing will flow better too.

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