who says?

here is another of my favourite mantras. but this is one i actually need to remind myself of. i will be going along, feeling stuck or frustrated or wobbly, and then i will remember… oh yah. that’s right…

who says?

no really…. who the f*ck says? (at least, that's the way i say inside my head. WTFS?)

because, here is the thing.

YOU are the keeper of your lighthouse. you are the builder of your lighthouse. you ARE your lighthouse.

and that means that you need to do it your way. you need to do what feels right for you. what fits.

the lighthouse teaches us about alignment.

do you want what you are building for yourself to feel all wobbly?

no of course not! you want a strong tower that stands tall, where each piece fits perfectly. you want everything you build in your life to feel aligned to who you are… you want it to feel “just right.”

so in your life, start asking this question…

who says?

whenever you are told by someone:

you can’t do it that way.

you must do it this way.

you should do this.

you should never do that.

you need to have this.

you better get rid of that.

you don’t have enough of this.

you are too much of that.

this is the way.

this is the path.

these are the steps you need to take.

these are the rules.

and look… before i go on… i do get that there are some very valuable rules to follow. we can absolutely learn from others. we can of course follow steps and strategies and examples. and there is nothing wrong with seeking out help whenever we need it!

i am not at all saying we throw out all advice. but what encourage is this: practice saying...

who says?

and then go back to you. look inside… check your inner compass.

what feels like you? what is doable for you? what is sustainable for you? what matches who you are and the work you are here to do and the life you are building and the message you want to send and the people you truly want to help?

it’s gotta fit!

you might need to break the rules. you might need to write your own rules. you might need to be a trailblazer.

you might need to give yourself permission to say NO. or say yes. or make a change. to start something new. or stop something because it doesn’t fit any more. or do things in a way that make the most sense for you.


who says?

and then do the thing that creates alignment, integrity, simplicity.

it’s your lighthouse. 

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