what’s blocking you?

last week on the blog we were talking about how sometimes it is really hard to hone in on your message… to find the right words to describe what you do and why you do it.

a friend left an insightful comment on that post, describing how she felt very clear on what her message was but actually putting it out there in a bold way was a different story.

it’s not enough to have a message, you also need to take action to get your message out there.

you need to be visible. you need a bold voice.

does that scare you in some way?

there are lots of blocks that can potentially hold you back from putting your message out there. and each of us would have a completely different block from the next person. that is what makes it so hard – we each have our own *stuff*, so there is no magic formula.

for instance you might be blocked by:

  • fearing judgement… “who is she to”
  • upsetting the status quo
  • can’t outshine others
  • being selfish… “it’s all about me”
  • not good enough yet
  • everything has already been said… it’s not different or special
  • when you speak up, bad things happen
  • no one will care

and those are just a few of the things that could make you feel like you just can’t step out into centre stage. i’m sure there are many many more! 

what do you do when you are feeling blocked?

well the first thing is to recognize that you do have some sort of block. 

i actually feel like there is a physical wall in front of me preventing me from moving forward.

for instance, i know i should just reply to that email and say “yes! i would love to write a blog post for your audience spreading my message far and wide and connecting with more of my right people!” but i just can’t seem to do it! i procrastinate, i come up with excuses, i *forget* about it.

other signs that you have a block are when you get really triggered or annoyed by stuff you see other people doing. 

for instance, “who is she to be sharing that message? she’s a nobody!” or “geeze she really goes on and on doesn’t she? it’s *all about me* all the freaking time!” 

those triggers could be big clues as to the blocks you might have. 

and any time your response to an idea or strategy is “but…” that is a big clue too.

for instance, “you should submit an article to huffington post!” “i would, but someone else talked about the same thing last month.” or “great idea, but i’m worried it would upset people in our industry.” BUT is always a clue!

the first step is awareness.

sometimes shining a light on the block is enough to dissolve it. sometimes it takes more work. 

i find that journaling really helps – writing down all of the buts; working through where they came from and why (maybe something happened in your past that is causing this thought); doing some forgiveness for myself and others; reframing my thinking so that i focus on the benefit instead of the potential fear.

sometimes it takes the help of others too. having a mastermind group, a coach, or a mentor can be really helpful – someone with an outside perspective that can help you recognize your blocks, release them, and reframe the way you think about things. 

i’ve also been using methods like kinesiology, reiki, and emotional freedom technique to help release blocks that seem very persistent and hard to move past! i am sure there are other techniques as well – ask around, and try things out. see what works! 

the bottom line is that you have to take some action, to decide not to let that stuff stand in your way. do whatever works for you!

i believe that overcoming these blocks is part of what we are here to do.

we are on this path because we have a message to share… a light to shine, but we are also here to figure out how to work through these things, so that we can grow as people and do better in this world. your biz is a reflection of you. when you build you, you build your biz!

so look that block right in the eye and say “thanks for showing me what i need to work on next, i am on it!”

one of my favourite symbols of the lighthouse is the spiral staircase. each step is just one little step, none of them more challenging or more important than any other. if you want to rise to the top, you take the sairs!

try picturing your block as one simple step. you can either choose to stay there stuck on that one step – never moving forward, never getting any closer to the light – or you can choose to take the step and keep going. 

what will you choose?

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