what if it's not about you?

i know it is hard, sometimes, to do this work. we struggle with self-doubt. we wonder if we are enough. we have fears and blocks that leave us feeling stuck.

i recently had an extraordinary opportunity to talk with a group of wise soul guides who came through to answer a burning question, and so i asked about the feelings of unworthiness that so many women in business are struggling with. 

here is their message to me, which i wanted to share with you.

* * *

what if you stopped thinking about yourself?

what if instead you think of that one person that you are here to serve?

can you picture that one person?

imagine her sitting alone on a single chair in a dark room… in a world that is not making sense right now. feeling isolated, lost, frustrated, annoyed, confused, overwhelmed, ineffective, lonely (or any of those other horrible things any one of us is struggling with.)

what does it feel like for her?

the pain. the despair. the disconnect.

feel that now.

what can you do for her?

i think you already know exactly what she needs.

can you step up from your chair and walk across to her? can you wrap her in a warm blanket, offer her a hug, let her know she is not alone?

yes there is a gap you must cross. a comfort zone. a fear that you will be criticised. a voice that says you might fail. a feeling deep inside that you are not enough.

but you must step over that gap. you must cross that threshold.

find your one person. go out to her.

take your heart to her heart.

nothing else matters, only your connection to her.

when you do this, not only will you make a difference to her, but to many others like her. and you will also make a difference to YOU.

* * *

wow. a huge reminder right? the big things i want to remember now are:

  • the soul on the other side of the message.

we get caught up in blogging, and emailing, and social-media posting, and guest posting, and all of the other elements of sharing our message. but we must never forget that there is a human being, a soul, a real person receiving that message.

it always rubs me the wrong way when i hear people say how they emailed their “list” or their “database” or their “subscribers”. if we can’t treasure each person as a real soul with real stuff they are dealing with right now, how can we connect in a genuine way? 

  • it’s not all about me.

yes i need to build my foundation, and get myself unstuck, and work on my stuff. i need to do this in order to shine my light – bright and clear. but that’s just part of the journey.

this, the work that i am here to do, is not about me. it’s about making a difference to someone else… someone who needs to hear today that they are here to shine their light. they are worthy. they are needed. they are enough.

  • get out of my head, and into my heart.

i don’t need to over-analyse everything, over-plan everything, over-think everything. i don’t need all the answers. i don’t need it all to be perfect. i need to concentrate on just one person, and give love to her... in whatever form that might be. 

that’s where the heart is… in being of service & in creating genuine connection.

the rest will come. 

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a huge thank you to my friend clare fitzgerald who offered the amazing experience of talking directly with her guides. if you are looking for insight and intuitive guidance as you go on this journey... clare is awesome. xx

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