untangling energetic cords

people come into our lives for a reason. we experience the situations we experience for a reason. they offer us an opportunity to learn. they offer us a mirror… a way to look at ourselves and see what it is we are meant to heal, explore, or shift.

but what do you do when you’ve done the learning, you’ve explored your stuff, you’ve reframed the situation… and you still can’t seem to move on?

if you find yourself endlessly thinking about, remembering, obsessing over, being triggered by, or blaming someone else… or something else… then it’s time to cut the cords.

if you can’t seem to break an old pattern, change an old story, or start fresh with a new way of doing things… then it’s time to cut the cords.

no matter what kind of relationship we have with people or with the situations we face we form energetic bonds with them – and the more energy being sent between, the stronger those bonds form. (it’s a great lesson for us moving forwards to NOT obsess… all you do is strengthen the cord!)

so even if you have learned from it and you are ready to move on… maybe you’ve done some mindset work to reframe the situation into something more positive… maybe you have made some practical decisions to create some distance or change your re-actions… that energetic cord can make it feel like it’s still pulling you back in.

this is where it is useful to have some sort of cord cutting exercise or visualization in your toolkit… try out some different ideas to find one that feels right to you, or create your own! a google search on ‘cord cutting’ will give you all sorts of ideas… for instance you can ask archangel micheal to help you cut the cord with his sword.

i actually do a visualization that is more of an untangling than a cutting.

i like to picture myself standing tall like a lighthouse, beaming my light outwards. and i picture the other person/situation also as a lighthouse, off in the distance, doing the same… and all of our beams of light are entangled and twisted and knotted like strings of rope. i visualize pulling my beams of light back into my own lighthouse… as i breath in i suck my beams of light back into me, and as i breath out i blow their beams of light back to them.

you can listen to the short visualization below for the full process that i do – and please take the ideas that work for you, make it your own!

i like this visualization because it acknowledges that everyone has a right to be their own person, their own lighthouse, and you can’t actually change them… you can only change you. change your energy to disentangle from theirs.

it also acknowledges that the stuff that’s come up… the situations/words/behaviours/actions etc. that have triggered you in some way… have all happened for a reason. you were meant to learn, to grow, to evolve… and now that you have you can send that stuff back to whomever brought you the lesson.

i do this ‘cord untangling’ as part of my daily meditation practice, but it is a great visualization to do before you fall asleep or in any moment of your day if you feel sensitive to someone else’s energy or triggered by someone or something.

take the learning, leave the energy behind.

what strategies do you have for breaking energetic ties? it is a great idea to fill your toolbox with a variety of physical, emotional, mindset, and energetic strategies for the things you encounter on this lighthouse keeper’s journey.

karen guntonComment