when you are feeling like maybe this is all just too hard

and perhaps it is better to just stay safe and small and comfy.

when you wonder if you should even bother

since there are other people already doing it better and faster and bigger than you.

when it feels like it’s a lot of work to get there

because it’s triggering all of your fears and blocks and issues.

when you are stuck in overwhelm, struggle, pressure, exhaustion

buried under a mountain of to dos and should dos and rules and advice.

when that voice in your head is whispering

“who are you to do this” “you’re not enough” “you better give up now”.

when you find yourself caught up in those stories you are telling yourself

dwelling on the past or worrying about the future.

remember this:

this journey is not all about you.

you are the servant of something much bigger than you, something fucking unstoppable.

you are simply a channel, a vehicle... a lighthouse for this light to shine through. 

you are exactly where you are meant to be and you will be given everything you need. 

get out of your head... let go of all that stuff that's going on in there. 

get back to your light. 

and do the work.

thank you to gabrielle bernstein for this reminder. i love when a message shows up exactly when you need it.

karen gunton5 Comments