the lighthouse secret to branding


i know it is tough to build a biz.


  • you don’t feel like you really stand out
  • other people are already doing what you want to do
  • other people copy what you are already doing
  • you worry that you won’t be noticed
  • if feels like maybe you are too late
  • it seems like there are competitors every way you turn
  • you wonder why bother?

but here is something to keep in mind, something really cool….

in the past 6 months i have been sent, tagged, tweeted, and insty’d so many lighthouse photos! i love it! and i’ve noticed something…

no two lighthouses are the same!

each lighthouse is built to perfection for its exact location, its particular situation, and to appeal to the people in the area.

this is what you need to do too…

you need to show up and build your lighthouse, with your light at the core.

no two lighthouses are the same, and no two businesses are the same either.

your brand is the key.

your brand is the way you send the message about who you are and what you do… your unique strengths, your passion, your purpose, your point of difference, the exact way that you aim to be of service to your perfect customer.

it’s what you want to be known for. it’s how you stand out. it’s how you shine so that you become a beacon to your most awesome people.

so every time you feel those “why bothers”

remember that it’s not your job to worry about all of the other lighthouses out there.

it’s your job to build yours.

be you. build your brand. focus on serving your customers.

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