tell your story

the lighthouse is meant to remind you that you are here to shine your light.

but i know that many people feel like they haven’t got a light to shine…. anything special to share, anything unique to offer. perhaps they haven’t found their purpose or are not feeling very ignited about anything. maybe they feel like the world doesn’t really need their light, that it doesn’t really matter or make a difference, or someone else is already doing it better.

i know this feeling well, i have struggled with these exact thoughts myself.

and there is one simple thing that has helped me in ways i couldn’t even imagine. it’s made the biggest difference to my journey, and it’s something that i want to encourage you to try.

tell your stories.

again, if you are feeling like you haven’t got anything special to share, it doesn’t matter. tell your stories anyhow.

story telling is one of the most powerful things we can do on our journey.

your stories can actually help you find your purpose.

when you look back at your journey so far and explore your own stories… your passions, your ah-ha moments, your successes and failures, your high points, low points, and turning points… these stories are actually powerful signposts that can point to your purpose and point to your next steps. they are like little pieces of a puzzle that together can create clarity.

your stories can help you feel ignited.

telling your story is about being YOU. owning YOU. exploring who you are. finding your voice… shining your light. it’s a vulnerable thing, telling your story… standing out and saying “hey world, this is me. this is what i’ve done, experienced. this is what i care about, long for.” it’s vulnerable, and pushes you out of your comfort zone. and that is when the most amazing things happen!

your stories connect you to others.

people resonate deeply with stories, because when you share your story, you open the door for someone else to say “me too.” your story lets others know they are not alone, that they are in the right place, that someone else cares about the same things they do… and that is powerful. all genuine connection to other people is powerful.

your stories can change the world.

i believe that women will change the world by shining our light. each one of us that stands up and stands tall and shines our light – each one of us that tells our stories, declares who we are and what we are here to do, and connects authentically with others – can and will change humanity. when you shine you allow others to do the same, and this will create ripples of light that can change the world.

(and yes, even if you share your story and change the world for one other person, your light has indeed changed the world!)

how can you tell your stories?

i am a huge proponent of having a blog. even if you think no one will ever read your words, the act of writing them and sharing them “out loud” is very powerful. plus your blog can be anything you want it to be – write poetry, post video, create and share your art, post photographs, write songs, write short stories or looooong stories – it’s completely up to you!

you can also share your stories on social media – through writing posts and/or sharing images or photographs – you can share other peoples stories and tell the world why they matter to you. you can talk to others in groups – online and in real life – and open up and share your story and share YOU.

there are no rules here – this is about exploring you and sharing you – the point is simply to share your story. to be vulnerable, to not hide, and really to figure it out as you go. the more you tell your stories the more you will find the right words, the more you will find your own voice, the more you will find YOU.

if you would like to practice in a safe space…

in the lighthouse revolution community we have the hashtag #thisisme – pop over at any time and share YOU, share your story. if you have a voice in your head saying… “who am i to share my story” i want you to pop over and declare #whoamiNOTto – we are all supporting each other, this week and always, and we would really love to see you there!

if you would like to explore this further…

if you have a business or a blog, want to start a business, want to create a personal brand, want to turn a hobby or passion into a business, want to start a movement or create some sort of change in the world… i encourage you to check out the resonate online workshop.

resonate will help you to explore your stories and hone in on the ones that will truly help you to amplify your brand, spread the word about your business, and connect to your right people.

resonate will help you to find that link between your own story and the brand you are building (we know storytelling works but i know it’s hard to connect the stories that resonate with the thing you are selling!).

resonate will help you find your *thing* - that thing that will really help you to share your message AND build your brand through storytelling. (like how the lighthouse is my thing, I want to help you find your thing!)

plus i will be doing some free clarity sessions for people who join resonate in september – it’s a great time to join us and i would love to help you with your story, your message, and your brand.

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