starting at zero

i received an awesome question yesterday.

if you were starting at zero right now what would you do? what would you tell someone else who is starting at zero?

start by getting clarity. clarity around your magic, your message, your mission, your audience.

then start talking. share your message, tell your stories, talk about why it matters. talk anywhere and everywhere: blog, social media, email, podcast, video, interviews, guest posts, meet-ups, forums.

build your audience. create awesome stuff to give away to people that will give them a taste of what you do/care about/believe in. exchange freebies for email addresses so that you can keep connecting.

keep talking to people. what are they struggling with? what do they need? what do they wish? listen. these are clues not just for your products, but for what people need to hear from you, your brand, your marketing.

keep helping people. every day. get out of your head and help people.

while talking & helping, build your biz. work on your products, pricing, packages, delivery, etc. tweak and play until you have alignment & leverage. your biz is meant to help you do what you are here to do.

while building your biz, you need to build YOU too. that is part of your job, part of why you are here. to get past fears & blocks. to build sense of worthiness and confidence.

as you build you, you get clarity. on your magic, your message, your audience, your biz.

and so then you keep tweaking, keep simplifying, keep clarifying... keep going. 

recently, i did start at zero again.

when i decided to create a new online home and focus on the lighthouse revolution.

starting at zero can be very freeing. you get to start from a clear slate, without the "old” clouding things, holding you back, or distracting you from your new path.

starting at zero can be scary. it feels like more of an ending than a beginning, sometimes… walking away from everything that came before. but a new door opens.

remember, we all start at zero. with an audience of zero. it's ok. pretend that the world is already listening. believe that your job is to keep talking so that the right people will be able to find you.

every day can be ground zero if you need it to be. the start of a new day, a new focus, a new sense of purpose, a new opportunity to shine.

in fact, i start at zero again and again and again.

each time i am feeling dejected, or off course, or like what i am doing is not very effective...

i go back to step one.

go back to my light. start from within. and build everything else around that.

whether you are starting your biz for the first time, starting something new in your biz, making a change and starting from a clean slate, or you simply need to start today with a fresh start and a clear focus...

the process is the same. the steps are the same.

start at zero.

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ps - if you would like some help with step one of this process... getting clear on your mission & your message... click here for instant access to the free online class on.purpose.