what are your #squadgoals?


let’s pause setting intentions for a moment, let’s forget resolutions, let’s take a break from  making year plans. i know it’s the new year, and this is what everyone says we *should* be doing... but what if we did things a little differently? what if we tried something new?

if you want something different to happen, do something different!

so instead of intentions & resolutions & plans… let’s have a little fun and choose our #squadgoals.

who is your squad?

meet the lighthouse keepers.

the seven lighthouse keepers are archetypes that make up who we are as a whole. they personify each component of the lighthouse as a reminder of the importance of each of these areas in your self and in your life.

the visionary is the keeper of the inner light. she helps us to see our own light, see our strengths and gifts, see our dreams and our destination, see our purpose and our direction.

the rockstar is the keeper of the beacon, the way we share our light. she helps us to speak up and be seen, to expand our comfort zone, to be authentic and to speak our truth.

the architect is the keeper of the tower, of the vehicle we build to serve our light. she helps us to do things our own way, to give ourselves permission, to build what we love.

the warrior is the keeper of the foundation, of how we support our light. she helps us to back ourselves, to fight for what we say we want, to build ourselves/our mindset up.

the free spirit is the keeper of the spiral staircase, of the journey we are on. she helps us to honour that journey, to feel and to flow, to explore and to create, to take the upward spiral.

the earth mama is the keeper of the harbour, the home of our light. she helps us to be where we are, to face whatever storms/darkness comes our way, and to come back to our light again.

the sage is the keeper of the sky, the connection to the source of our light. she helps us to tap into wisdom, faith, trust, belief and to know that the universe has our back.

you can learn more about each of the lighthouse keepers here in this stunning, inspiring free digital magazine.

the main thing to know is that each of these lighthouse keepers already lives within us, each is there just waiting to be brought to life… each has something to teach us about taking care of our own lighthouse and shining our light in the world.

when we get to know the lighthouse keepers we can tap into their energy and use it to shine. some of them may feel natural to us… we may already embody their energy. some of them may not… but we can still learn from them, we can act ‘as if’, and take better care of the light we are here to shine.

the lighthouse keepers are the torchbearers who light the path for all of us… they show us the way to what we want more of for our selves and in our lives. they are our squad… and when we tap into their energy we are tapping into our highest, brightest selves.


so as you start this new year have a think about your squad goals. have a think about each lighthouse keeper and consider one goal you have to really tap into or amplify her energy within yourself.

for instance, if pink hair makes you feel like a rockstar, you’ve got a squad goal! if saying NO to something that you don’t love in your life is a priority this year… that’s a great architect squad goal. building up your sense of self-worth or self-confidence might be a warrior squad goal. treating yourself to a new oracle deck could be a sage squad goal.

the best thing about this, is you get to do you! we all have all of the lighthouse keepers within us, but how we tap into their energy, how we express them... we get to do that our way!

the reason i love to think about my #squadgoals for a new year is that it helps me to think about ALL areas of my self and my life - not just one area that feels most pressing!

plus it is such a great way to tune into and honour my self… each of these lighthouse keepers lives within me already, so by exploring what each of them is longing for or dreaming of or wanting more of in life i am actually taking beautiful care of my self!

have some fun with this idea!

perhaps there are particular songs that help you tap into the energy of each of your lighthouse keepers… perhaps there are physical activities that strengthen the energy of each lighthouse keeper. you might want to use an oracle deck and pull a card for each lighthouse keeper to further explore what she needs to focus on this year!

be sure to check out the lighthouse keeper digital magazine for more ideas. you might also be interested in a personal illuminate session… we can explore the messages and desires that each of your lighthouse keepers has for you for 2018!

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