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in this keynote we explore the idea of what it means to be the highest, brightest version of yourself, the *lighthouse* version of yourself... rising up and being the leader of your life, because your world is waiting for you! join the lighthouse revolution here: http://www.karengunton.com

note: rise up is the theme for september in the elevate mastermind for women in business. come along to work on stepping up into leadership, building a community, and showing up in a bigger way with your business.

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my mission, my wish, is to encourage you to be the highest, brightest version of yourself. that’s what the lighthouse revolution is all about.

and there is one thing that i see over and over again that makes my heart ache.

i see so many people who are waiting around for something to change. waiting for someone else to come along and get them going, get them moving, map out the plan, tell them what to do next in their lives or work, make it all finally start happening.

if you are waiting for someone to lead you to change… if you are waiting to follow…  if only you had more energy, more direction, more information, more support, more clarity, more certainty, more money, more time, more of whatever that thing is that seems to be missing…

the simple truth is this.

no one else is going to come along and take you on this path. no one else is going to give you the magic formula, the magic pill, the magic wand.

this is on you.

it is time for you to claim your dream. to make a change. to take a step.

have a look around you. there is something that you are longing to create. explore. transform. unstuck. ignite.

and it’s time for you to rise up… to be the leader.

according to the dictionary:

a leader is a person who guides or directs. someone in a dominant or superior position. someone who has a degree of influence over others. the person in charge, the person who inspires confidence, who moves forward into action.

a follower is someone who accepts the guidance, the lead, or command of another. a person who supports or admires a someone/something else. a person who moves or travels behind someone/something.

and we often hear people ask or categorize: is she a follower or a leader.  as though there is only one choice! which is crazy. we need to be BOTH.

in every journey there is a time to follow – there are people, principles, teachings, ideas which we will follow so that we may learn, grow, evolve, and implement.

but there is always, also, a time to lead.

a time when we must step up with a clear vision of where we are going and why and start stepping forwards towards that destination.

even if we do not know exactly how we will get there, or exactly what the road entails.

we must be courageous enough to take a leap, to trailblaze, to forge a new path… because we have faith that the way forward is better than where we are right now.

leadership is about rising up, taking charge, and taking one simple step ahead of the pack (or the past) stepping towards the change we want to be (or see!) in the world.

sometimes yes for the whole world.

sometimes it’s for the world of your community, your organization, your tribe, your neighbourhood, your family.

sometimes it’s about changing the world for just one other person.

sometimes that person is you.

we must believe that we can and do change the world for people every day (even if just for ourselves) and continue to rise up… to speak up… to show up in a bigger way… to light up in which ever way we choose.

now i know that you might not be in a very “shiney” place right now.

you might be in a place that feels too dark to climb out of.

you might feel lost. you might have no mojo at all for making a change.

maybe it feels like you have a foundation that will crumble at any moment, and wonder how you can possibly build a lighthouse on that.

you might feel like you have been tossed around, up and down, by the storms and tides of life.

maybe it feels like the waves have been crashing in on you for so long now that you can hardly catch your breath.

maybe simply surviving has been your only purpose.

i want you to remember this: you are surrounded by an ocean of love.

and i want you to remember this too: you are exactly where you are meant to be.

and you can make the choice today, to rise up from this place.

take one step – put one foot in front of the other – take life by the reins – and start leading.

instead of waiting. instead of hiding. instead of staying staying small. instead of staying where you are.

you can rise up.

and be the leader.... in whichever way calls to you! be the leader of your community, of your niche, of your team, of your movement, of your ideas, of your purpose, of your passion…

simply of your own life.

start there! start acting today as if you are indeed the highest, brightest version of yourself.

what would she do?

what would lighthouse you do?

rise up.

today. in some way.

rise up.

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