what is the revolution?


i recently saw this great artwork on instagram that showed so clearly how ‘love’ is part of the word revolution… one of those perfect little AHA moments that i love to savour.

when i first began to explore the symbol of the lighthouse and what we could learn from it, i considered calling this work a variety of different things: the lighthouse project, the lighthouse process, the lighthouse method, the lighthouse strategy…

but in the end i settled on the lighthouse revolution.

for me, the word revolution holds so many powerful nuances.

it’s about change.

not just going through the motions of life – being content with the slow incremental changes of evolution – but instead creating purposeful, meaningful, noticeable changes… right now! we must take action instead and create the changes we want… instead of waiting for the life we want to magically appear.

it’s about transformation.

we can choose now to stop trudging through life, going through the motions, feeling a bit dissatisfied, or even a bit lost. we can transform the way we think about the life that we are building for ourselves… transforming our thoughts, beliefs, and actions so that we can do more of what we say we want.

it’s about rebellion.

the evil dictator is the voice in our head that says: hey, it’s better to just stay small, safe, stuck, same, silent. this is fine. this life is ok. whatever you do, don’t rock the boat. that is what this revolution is about… overcoming the internal resistance that keeps us small and stuck.

it’s about following a new leader.

that new leader is you. you need to take yourself by the hand, pull yourself out of the stuckness, rise up, and make the change. you are the hero you’ve been waiting for. no body is holding you back but you… so self-leadership becomes the new way of doing things.

it’s about re-evolution.

an opportunity to roll-back or do-over whatever life has been like until now. once you know that you want something more out of life, there is no going back! you get to create a new vision for your life… a new vision of what is possible.

it is about empowerment.

seeing yourself as the worthy, strong, capable, incredible, powerful soul that you are. believing that you deserve to make your dreams come true and that you are here for a reason… you are here to be your highest, brightest, most amazing self! igniting your own sense of purpose and embracing who you are in the world and standing strong in that truth.

it’s a about coming full circle.

the journey we are on is not linear and sequential, instead it is a spiral – going around and around like the revolution of a wheel, taking us closer to who we are meant to be in the world. it’s a complete revolution… back to the you you were born to be, back to your light, back to love.

and yes, it is about love.

loving yourself enough to say: it’s my time. it’s my time to shine. i am ready to take the next steps. self-love is one of the most important acts of self-leadership, of empowerment, of rebellion there is! when you love yourself first, your power grows.

sometimes we think a revolution has to be about changing the world and that feels too big, too impossible, or like we will never make a difference.

this revolution is about changing YOUR world. first. and foremost. and then perhaps you begin to change the world of those around you. and then perhaps that grows and builds. but it starts with you. and when you rise up and ignite your light and shine it out to the world you will indeed change the world around you – you will show others it can be done, you will give them permission to do the same.

what is your own personal revolution about?

is it about love, kindness, joy? is it spiritual, physical, mental, emotional? is it about health, education, money, the environment? is it about your home, your workplace, your community, your relationship?

you get to decide.

the revolution is yours, however you need it to be.

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