purpose + flow

“ok, i’m doing it! i’m living my purpose, i am showing up and shining my light, i’m hearing the call and taking the leap… so why the hell is it all so hard? i thought that when you were in alignment with your purpose everything was meant to flow but i feel blocked at every turn... why don’t i have any flow? what am i doing wrong here?”

we had a discussion about this over in elevate last month, and i don't normally post 'video blogs' but i wanted to share my elevate 'QnA' video here with you just in case you’ve felt the same frustration.

i know i have!

it’s seems so unfair doesn’t it? don’t you want to just rant at the universe? like: dude. i’m here. i’m holding up my end of the bargain. why aren’t you?

and this question is the exact reason that we are never done building our lighthouse… this journey is really just a big long spiral! take action… explore resistance, clear blocks, build mindset, heal & grow & evolve & learn… get new clarity… take action again.

so my quick answer is there is nothing wrong with you... you are not broken... this is how the journey is supposed to go! and there is nothing wrong with your purpose either… you haven’t gotten it all wrong. i do think there are ways to create more flow... it just might require you to think about flow in a new way!

in this video (or audio) i share...

  • what i think purpose really is and why you haven’t gotten it wrong just because things feel hard, things are going wrong, or you seem blocked at every turn
  • how you can shift your perspective - from blocks being obstacles & barriers in your path, towards them being opportunities & signposts that point to your next steps.
  • how flow isn’t about the physical stuff working out - the plans, actions, strategies, people, tools, etc; rather flow comes from your perspective… it’s about what’s happening inside of you rather than what’s happening around you
  • how to create more flow by using the 7 components of the lighthouse as a guide – i've got quick, simple ideas you can try right away, or save for the next time you are feeling like you haven't got a lot of flow happening
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