the power of and/also

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are you guilty of this?

i definitely am.

thinking that if one thing is true than nothing else can be possible.

thinking only in black and white, forgetting the shades of grey.

thinking that you have to choose between one thing or another.

thinking it must be either/or.

forgetting about the possibility of and/also.

this is something i’ve noticed about myself – i get stuck in a lot of either/or thinking. i am working on changing my language… my stories, my beliefs, my thoughts… to include more AND and BOTH and ALSO.

i can be lost in the darkness AND ALSO still take steps forward.

i can talk about things AND ALSO still be unclear about what exactly i want to say.

i can create things AND ALSO they can be imperfect.

i can be a teacher AND ALSO still be learning.

i can be scared AND ALSO i can be brave.

we think sometimes that we can only be (or do or have or feel) one thing.

and that that one thing ultimately cancels all of the other things out.

but what if that is not true?

what if that is the thinking that is keeping you stuck… small… same… safe?

what if you can be / do / have / feel BOTH?

try it. what happens when you tap into the possibility of and/also?

what changes?

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