behind the scenes of overcoming stuckness

i'm having a bit of a celebration this week... it's the lighthouse revolution book's first birthday! i can't actually believe it has already been a year since this little baby finally came to life! 

it took 7 months from the time i started writing until the day the book started arriving into the hands of readers... but of course it took longer than that to let the idea build and grow, and to overcome my own resistance, in order to finally, make this little dream happen!

do you have a BIG dream... something you want to do, create, explore... or bring to life in some other way? 

i want to share a bit about the behind the scenes of bringing that book to life... the real truth about getting unstuck, overcoming resistance, taking action, and why it matters so much to do just that... why achieving this type of dream is actually about so much more than the dream itself.

whether you want to write a book, or there is something else you want to focus on or create or even change in your life... it's worth it. i promise.

in this video i am taking you step by step through my biggest blocks; you might be familiar with these...

  • yah right. it's never gonna happen! 
  • nope, i'm not there yet... i need more (training, experience, etc.)
  • still not ready... i'm waiting for everything to be figured out
  • actually... it's all too hard, too overwhelming, too much work
  • it's not the right time, i will do it when...
  • what if it's not good, not perfect, not helpful?
  • what if i hate it? i suck at it? what if it's awful? 
  • i will do all of this work and no one will buy, no one will care, it's just gonna flop

watch or listen to my journey through these obstacles here...

and just know this: i promise you there is a way through every block... the steps, the plans, the work, it's all figureoutable.... and the time will never actually be quite right, you will never actually be fully ready... but you can decide to start anyways.

just imagine if you started today?

one year from now, what could you be celebrating?

please give yourself permission to shine, the world is waiting on you!

to celebrate the book's first birthday we are having a #bookbirthdaybash... you can grab the print book, ebook, or audio book at a great birthday price this week! i am also excited to announce that i am now offering the navigate guide book in print - yep a real life workbook that you can hold in your hands and scribble away in! i also have something brand new to share... a quick & fun online class to help you create your lighthouse blueprints for one of your specific goals, intentions, or plans!

all of these on for special birthday prices this week only... pop over to check them out!

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