no one said it would be this hard

since i started focusing on building a lighthouse i’ve been on this crazy path.

i’m striving for clarity and purpose… i want to stand tall and shine my light in this world.

and that’s led me to authenticity, which has led me to vulnerability, which has led me to working on feelings of unworthiness, which has led me to shame, which has led me to fear.

not gonna lie, it’s hard.

some days it feels like there is a giant brick wall in front of me, with a big sign that says:

GO BACK! turn around and run! go back the way you came! it’s much safer there.

some days i am pretty sure it would be way easier to go back to fiddling with my social media plans or tweaking my sales page for the millionth time.

you know, back to that place where you feel like you are BUSY. you are WORKING. you are ticking boxes.

but i know that, though it is certainly important to do those jobs for my business, fiddling and tweaking is not what will get me unstuck. 

i know that in order to really shine i’ve got to do the scary work. i’ve got to break through my blocks. i’ve got to jump out of my comfort zone. 

i know that if i only work on those building blocks of the business, all i’ll have is the building itself. which is fine. it’s comfy. it’s nice. but the biz building alone is missing a few things…

no light to shine bright.

no foundation to help me stand tall and weather the storms.

no steps to help me rise above. 

and i know that those are the things i really need in order to make my dreams reality, in order to do the work i was meant to do in this world.

so while it would be safe and comfy and nice to stay in that space of doing all of the bizzy jobs that keep us busy, i know that i need to ignore the big warning sign, push past that brick wall, and do the work that is often much harder. 

i need to grow so that my biz will grow.

it’s hard. but it’s worth it.

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