my word for 2019

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do you pick a word for your year?

(if you haven’t yet, i have a quick free exercise you can try here.)

i do this every year… it is my favourite way to both set a powerful intention for myself and to have an anchor to hold onto all year long.

this year my word is RISE.

this is a word i use all the time for the lighthouse revolution… as lighthouses we must both rise up and shine bright.

to me, this word reminds me that it is up to me to pull myself up out of the muck and the darkness… to get myself unstuck and rise up from this place… to step up, show up, and be of service to others.

the word RISE reminds me that i am the hero i have been waiting for.

it reminds me that i am a warrior. i can do hard things.

it reminds me that i am the fire. i can re-ignite my own light. i can rise from the ashes like a phoenix.

it reminds me of the kind of person i want to be.

and it reminds me that when i fall, i can rise again. again. again.

RISE also happens to be the ‘working title’ of my new book - which is all about getting yourself unstuck - and will be published later this year. so the word reminds me to focus on that and get ‘r done already!

i’ve been wearing my warrior anchor bracelet since last november - and most of the time i feel like a gentle, wounded warrior… but a warrior none-the-less. every time i look at it i remember that i can do hard things.

and i remember that we all have our own set of hard things we are struggling with. the word RISE reminds me to help others know: you got this.

i’ve created a RISE playlist over on spotify if you’d like a little music inspiration in your life, for your own rising… whatever that looks like for you.

and if you’ve chosen a word - or some other anchor - for the year, do share! i would love to hear about it.

happy NEW new year.

may it be a year that you also RISE… in any way you need to.

kg xo

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