my secret dream

when i first started to think about writing a book book, i wasn’t really sure if it was a worth while step. in 6 years of business i had already written many workbooks and guides, and quite easily and successfully sold them as simple PDF ebooks from my website.

to be honest, i never really thought that i would ever attempt to write a book book (you know, a printed paperback book that you could hold in your hands.) i didn’t really see the point – trying to figure out how to get it edited and published and printed and sold and delivered… well it all felt kind of insurmountable.

then one day around this time last year i was doing some brainstorming: visioning and planning for the next steps of the lighthouse revolution.

and like a movie playing in my mind’s eye i suddenly had a clear picture of one of my secret dreams.

two women sitting together having a glass of wine on a patio by the sea. they are talking about their lives and their dreams (as i love to do with my best girlfriends over wine)… the ways in which they feel lost or unsatisfied… the things they are longing to transform in their lives… the stuff they are longing to ignite… and one woman says to the other:

“oh! i know exactly what you need! you need to build a lighthouse!”

and then she pulls her dog-eared, well-loved copy of the lighthouse revolution book book out of her handbag and passes it on to her friend.


that picture is what prompted me to stop thinking about writing a book and finally get started. to figure out how to do the whole range of jobs that come with self-publishing a book, and to actually get it out to the world.

that picture has been the secret dream that has been driving me for a year now.

the secret dream whispering inside…

that the lighthouse is not just a book, not just a message, not even just a symbol of inspiration…

but an action.

a verb.

a well known *thing* that people do.

a member of our community said recently that she asked her husband: can you please take the kids out for an hour or two? i need to work on my lighthouse.


i received a question via email: i’ve been on my career path for a long time, and it’s fine, i'm not unhappy, but i've kind of lost my mojo. would building a lighthouse make a difference?


my friend said to me the other day: i was talking to someone we know and she is really struggling with her self-confidence and purpose. we need to lighthouse her!


that’s my secret dream. the lighthouse becomes something people DO. they take action. they make a change in their life. they overcome whatever has them feeling stuck.

they shine.

and when they do they give other people permission to shine.

and so on.

like a ripple effect.

so awesome!

picturing that gives me the fuel to keep spreading my message. because i know that to get there i’ve got to keep taking steps every single day towards that destination. i've got purpose. 

i've now got a book that i've got to get into handbags!

what is your secret dream?

the one you don’t really ever say out loud, because it feels so big, kind of impossible, maybe even a little weird... and yes of course a lot scary. but still, it whispers to you sometimes, just to let you know that it hasn’t gone away…

do not underestimate the power of a secret dream. a quiet wish. a little whisper inside your soul.

when you add that to the big vision you have for yourself in this lifetime, it can change everything!

my secret dream sparked a book.

what will yours ignite?

PS. the lighthouse revolution book will be available on kindle this week! starting on wednesday you can get the ebook for free for 5 days only… so be sure to pop over to amazon so that you do not miss out!

and perhaps you can help me start making my secret dream come true? share this with ONE friend who you believe deserves to shine. with gratitude and love, i thank you. x

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