my 3 words for 2015

last week i wrote about the importance of reflection when doing biz planning.

reflection is a look back at the road so far.

for me, the next step in the process is creating my vision for what’s next… having a clear picture of where i want to go, and why.

vision is a look ahead at the next steps of your journey.

generally when i create my vision i do a lot of brainstorming, and journaling, and connecting dots. and then i like to choose 3 words to represent my vision.

(i know some people like to choose one word, and that’s cool. three is what works for me!)

the three words act as a filter (you can figure out what to say yes and no to), as a signpost (to help you stay on your path), as a reminder (in case you lose sight of why you are doing what you are doing) and as motivation (for days when you are feeling stuck or lost or afraid.)

i like to post mine somewhere prominent to keep them front of mind all year long.

you can see my 3 words for 2014 and 2013.

here are my 3 words for 2015:

1. voice

“voice” has come up as a message for me many times lately, so i am going to listen to the nudges and ensure that it is one of the themes for my year. i want to step even further into who i am and what i am about, to be bold with my voice. to that end, one of my goals will be some rebranding in early 2015. so stay tuned for that!

2. surrender

as much as i know that it is time to uplevel, to be more bold, to be even more “me”, to push beyond what i have done so far and take those next steps… i have no idea what those steps are! but i trust that for every step i take the next one will become visible (just like on that spiral staircase of the lighthouse.) so i am not going to plan to the nth degree, i am not going to stress out that i don’t have everything planned out (ok maybe i might stress a little). i surrender.

3. alchemy

the first thing i did in 2014 was re-read a book that i had not read since i was 20 years old and trying to figure out who i was in the world. the alchemist by paulo coelho is such an awesome fable – and it’s no surprise that i came back to it at a time when i’ve been again figuring out who i am in the world. later this year, as i was describing how i teach something, my friend declared that i was like an alchemist – she said the way i put the pieces together is really special. i liked that description – i wrote “i am an alchemist” on my wall. then as i was reflecting on this year the word came up again, so i decided it was one of those nudges i ought to listen to.

i did some research on alchemy and there are so many awesome layers of meaning:

  • transformation (turning lead into gold) = an analogy for personal transformation
  • regeneration of the human soul or inner essence = discovering who we are meant to be in this world
  • duality (both science and magic) = reminds me that none of us are any one thing, we can be logical and creative, we can be strategic and “woo”, we can be strong and emotional, etc.
  • using symbols (with multiple layers of meaning) as a tool to share knowledge = this is what the lighthouse revolution has been all year!
  • ability to take plain things and work your magic and turn it into something gold = reminds me of why i love teaching!

so, for me, the word alchemy reminds me of the journey i am on personally as well as the way in which i can help others on theirs. 

so those are my words for the year. 

what words represent your vision for 2015? how do you create your vision for the year? 

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