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how does your intuition work?

i believe that we are all intuitive… it’s not something you have or don’t have. it’s more about your awareness, your understanding, and your capacity to explore & play with it.

as with most things on this journey, i feel like my intuition has unfolded and awakened in layers. when i was younger i can certainly remember distinct moments where i felt like my intuition was telling me something, but i didn’t grow up thinking i was a particularly intuitive person.

though i was very interested in exploring topics of spirituality, purpose, the meaning of life, etc. i didn’t really have the language or awareness to understand or explore my own connection to my inner voice/inner guidance system… or my inner light as i like to think of it now.

it wasn’t until the last few years – as i began to connect with more and more women who are intuitive, psychic, spiritual, sensitive – that i began to explore this in a bigger way. in fact my own exploration of spirituality – as a connection to something bigger within us and around us – prompted me to include it as part of the lighthouse framework… because i truly do believe it makes a difference.

around the time i started to explore my own spiritual practice i began to notice something… music was beginning to have bigger and bigger meaning in my life.

my whole life i’ve been a collector of quotes and lyrics… i have journals from when i was 16 years old full of music lyrics and quotes that were meaningful to me. and as the lighthouse revolution began to unfold i had started collecting and sharing music that epitomized the message i was wanting tell.

and then one day i was driving along and a song came on the radio that made me think of my grandma who had recently passed. i thought that was a nice moment to think of grandma. and then the next song had the same theme, and that made me take notice. i wondered – is grandma here with me? is she trying to tell me something? the next 3 songs contained a clear and powerful message for me – about something that i was really struggling with at the time. i just knew – in every fibre of my being – that she was there, telling me something.

it’s a moment i will never forget.

after that, the music messages started happening more and more often. sometimes it would be super obvious, sometimes i would just get a feeling to pay attention to a song… sometimes it would be a message for me, sometimes i would get a message for a friend and would pass it on by sharing the song with them.

and then one day i happened upon the amazing denise litchfield and her quiz about psychic strengths… turns out i am a ‘seashell’, which is related to clairaudience. i have never 'heard voices' so i didn’t think that could be me, but one of the things that she shares is that you might hear messages though lyrics! that was a big moment of permission and confirmation for me.

so i started being more purposeful my efforts – practicing... learning... acting like a 'seashell' – and now music is a big part of my own connection practice, as well as part of my distance reiki illuminate sessions. it’s made a huge difference to me to recognize how my own intuition works and play in the space of exploring and developing it.

one of the things i hear most often from my illuminate clients is how unique the use of music is in my sessions - they always say how spot on it is and how powerful it is, and many of them have an aha where they realize that music is one way that their intuition can work as well!

i don’t know about you, but i am horrible at visualization… if i do a guided meditation i can’t see a thing and no matter how much i have different practices i never ever “see” anything – which always use to frustrate me! not anymore… because now i know that’s not how my inner light works.

i do sometimes feel things & know things… that has become more pronounced the more i practice 'hearing' things... noticing the words, songs, lyrics that pop into my head, or sometimes into my path… i will go on instagram and get the same message from 3 different posts and i know to pay attention!

if you do denise’s quiz and discover you are seashell, or you simply want to play in the space of music messages, here are some ideas you can try.

  • pay attention as you listen to the radio.

if a song catches your attention, listen closely to the lyrics and consider what message they have for you. (you might need to jot down the name of a song and listen again later… i keep a notebook in my car for this very reason) as you begin to “notice” when a song catches your attention, that nudge to pay attention, also notice what it feels like. how do you know you are getting a message and not just hearing a random song… it’s all about awareness and exploration… just notice and keep noticing! keep a journal of your music messages… the more you keep track and keep noticing the stronger your connection will get.

  • create your own playlist

start collecting songsthat are meaningful to you (spotify is great for this, and free) – songs that make you feel great, songs that match your intentions, songs that fit with your mission/message/passion/purpose, songs that remind you of the you that you long to be. the more you become intentional with your music – purposely picking out and playing songs that are meaningful to you – the more you build that intuitive connection to music. i think of it as saying ‘yes please! thank you! more like this!!’ to the universe. spotify also gives you a ‘discover weekly’ playlist, based on your tastes, and i find this a great place to explore and find new music to add to my playlist.

  • let music be your oracle deck

consider one of your own intentions – something you are wanting to focus on or shift or explore – and ask the music for a message. here’s how i do it – i write in my journal whatever it is i would like some insight on and then i open my spotify lighthouse playlist. (it’s full of powerful messages & you can borrow it for this exercise if you’d like!) i choose one song that feels like a good starting point – it might match my question/intention or it might just feel like a great song to help me connect. make sure the playlist is set to random and as you listen to the first song of your choosing, let that be the time you pray for guidance/meditate on your intention/ask for insight. as you listen you can let your own inner light expand outwards to ‘touch’ the music or you can let the music sink in to your soul, or whatever you like… it’s really about adding the music to your connection practice, however you like to do it. then notice the next 3 songs that come on… you might want to have a notebook handy to make note of any lyrics. the message might not come through the lyrics specifically… the message could be related to the title, it could be related to a memory that pops up, or to something the song reminds you of, or how it makes you feel. the key is to pay attention to what pops into your head as you listen. i like doing 3 songs in the row, because i think 3 songs paints a total picture more so that one song alone.

  • bring music into your own daily practice

if you are into chakra work, oracle decks, essential oils, yoga, dance, or any other practice… choose some music to complement it... enhance what you are already doing with music! you might like to try out some kundalini meditations – i learnt about these first from gabby bernstein and her book the universe has your back, and it’s made a massive difference to me. i find guided meditations frustrating because i can’t picture anything, and i am not great at silent meditations, or meditations with lovely instrumental music. but when i started singing along to the kundalini songs/mantras i noticed a huge shift in my practice, and in my energy. you can start with my meditation playlist on spotify if you’d like.  

  • notice when music shows up in your life

if you are scrolling through facebook or instagram and notice a song recommendation or someone shares lyrics to a song, go give it a listen. if you are watching a tv show or movie and a song catches your attention, jot down some of the lyrics so that you can find it online and listen to it later. music happens all of the time in my world, and lots of it i don’t even notice. but when i do notice it now, i try to actually give it my attention… to honour the fact that it popped out at me and give it my awareness. do this especially if you have a random song (or earworm as they are sometimes called) stuck in your head – go look up the lyrics or have a proper listen to the whole song - there may be a message in that song!

  • let yourself feel the music

for so long i tried to ‘tone’ down my sensitivity… to not show my emotions when i felt moved by a song (or anything else for that matter!). the more i work with music – particularly as i have been sharing the music messages that come up in my illuminate sessions – the more deeply i feel the energy of the message. it’s pretty common now for me to get choked up when i share a music message with someone in a session, or when i get a message myself. i had to pull my car over the other day because i got such a strong three-song message it made me cry! and when i went to a recent adele concert i cried through nearly the whole thing… it felt as though i could feel the vibrations of the music, and the amazing vibes of the audience, all the way to my core. i just let myself feel it… i never would have done that before, but the more i let the music be part of what makes me me the stronger that connection gets.

even if music isn’t really your thing i hope that these ideas will still give you permission to explore whatever is your thing. we sometimes think that ‘intuition’ or ‘connection’ has to look and work a certain way – maybe because of how it works for someone we admire, maybe because of what someone has taught us or told us – maybe because we think we don’t really have it!!

but from my own experience i would say that there are NO rules here. you get to do YOU, your way! have fun… play… explore… give yourself permission to see what happens when you pay attention and take notice of whatever message your intuition is sharing with you.

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