what is the lighthouse revolution?

one of my goals for 2016 is to do more speaking (at conferences, workshops, events, etc.), and so i decided that a good place to start would be to actually do more speaking! (instead of always writing! ha!)

so i set myself the challenge of writing and presenting 11 "ted style" keynote talks - to share one each month for this whole year.

i've been brainstorming topics and have a pretty awesome list to start out - topics that i believe will help us to make a change in our lives, to own our light in this world - topics such as: building self-worth,  getting unstuck, finding your purpose, raising your visibility and voice, surrender, and more. (if you have an idea for a topic - do let me know!)

for the very first keynote presentation i decided to simply focus on sharing the message of the lighthouse revolution - if you are new to this space i would love for you to have a listen and learn more about how the symbol of the lighthouse can help you create a shift in your life. 

if you are familiar with the lighthouse revolution - thank you so much for being here with us! i would love it if you would share this video with anyone that you think would be inspired... anyone that could be building their lighthouse!

be sure to click on the link to join the #lighthouserevolution - all of the keynote talks will be delivered to your inbox, along with inspiration and ideas and great freebies like the lighthouse oracle deck! 

now, let's make like a lighthouse and shine. =)

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my big mission is to remind you that you are here to shine your light. but what does that mean?

a few years ago i was in a place where i did not feel so shiny. in fact i was a bit lost and i had definitely lost my mojo.

i had left my career, i was a stay at home mum with 2 kids and a new baby, i was trying to build a business and earn some money of my own, i was searching for what i was good at and what i could do with my time and what would light me up and i felt a bit like i was spinning in circles…  like everything was ok but nothing was really awesome… you know?

i was wasting time flickering around pinterest, as you do, and i came across a gorgeous image with a quote by ann lammott that said:

lighthouses don’t go running all over and island looking for boats to save; they just stand there shining.

that was such an ah ha moment for me…. goosebumps rose up on my skin and something clicked into place in my spine. i wanted THAT… i wanted to “just stand there shining” and i went on a bit of a quest to figure out what it means to shine… what it takes to shine.

and one thing i’ve noticed, as i’ve been on my quest, is that the word “shine” gets used a lot, especially in the motivation/inspiration/transformation space:

“i can’t wait to see you shine!”

“you need to shine”

“it’s your time to shine”

shine on. shine now. shine shine shine.

my question (and my quest) is this:


how the heck do we shine? really?

like, is there a magic light switch around here that no one has told us about?

i bet you can look around your life and see people who do shine.

that woman who has found her “thing” and is just so content in life

that woman who is unashamedly herself and doesn’t care what anyone thinks

that woman who seems absolutely fearless and going after all her dreams

that woman who has an air of confidence and passion and drive around everything she does

that woman who is so talented/smart/inspiring/funny/amazing and doing such awesome stuff

if you are at all like me, you have a longing to shine too.

from studying the examples around us, this is what i think it means to shine:

being YOU. being exactly who you want to be. maybe even finding yourself again. definitely giving yourself permission to be you, in your own unique way, regardless of what anyone else thinks.

finding and doing what lights you up – your passion, your purpose, your strengths and gifts… exploring and learning and growing and seeking.

sharing it with the world – inspiring others, helping others. owning who you are (no more hiding), raising your voice… saying – hey world this is me.

that is shining.

but what i discovered, as i have been on this quest, is that it is not enough to simply decide to shine. there is actually more to the story (and most people don’t talk about this part – because it’s the hard part!)

one - you need to build a sense of confidence, belief in yourself, worthiness, value and deserving, a strong mindset. that stuff doesn’t just magically appear when you decide to shine! who knew! you actually need to build you… build yourself up!

and the other thing you need to know is that there are going to be some tough road blocks on this journey… some really pesky, persistent little blocks that will get you stuck, lost, off track, or feeling like you might just give up.

hard stuff like fear, doubt, worry, negativity, criticism, comparison, frustration, dejection

sometimes, yes, we get this stuff sent our way from others.

but mostly it comes from within ourselves.

it’s part of what we are here to do… work on this *stuff* that comes up.

for those of us that choose this crazy journey… choose to build ourselves and build a life that lights us up… a life of purpose and joy…

i believe that we choose this journey because we are meant to learn from it! that’s why the really good stuff… the really important stuff… is the hardest and triggers the biggest fears and blocks.

we are actually supposed to work through the hard stuff – we are supposed to grow and learn and evolve.

the journey is actually the point – it brings us closer to who we are meant to be in the world.

do you remember who you were born to be (before the world told you who you were supposed to be)?

are you progressing on your journey or just staying in that stuck space (because it feels easier, or safer perhaps)?


do you have a little niggling whisper inside… a tap tap tap on your shoulder…

hey you. yes you. you are actually here to shine your light. it’s time. now what are we gonna do about it?

the lighthouse… from that quote that inspired me so long ago… has become a powerful symobol for me - a symbol of the life we are here to build for ourselves.

if you want to shine your light you actually need to build yourself a structure, on purpose, that will allow you to shine it!

makes sense right? we should be building lighthouses!

this is what i believe the lighthouse teaches us to do…

to ignite your light. from the inside out! be YOU.

to be a beacon. own you and share you with the world – connect to the people who care about the same things you do.

to build a tower… a life that aligns with who you are and what you want, a life that serves your light and lights you up!

to strengthen your foundation. build you. build your mindset and confidence so you can stand tall and stand in strength.

to use the spiral staircase… this is a journey, honour it and all of the stuff that comes up along the way. be curious, work through it, and keep going!

and… to come back to the harbour… where your lighthouse lives. you belong here. you are exactly where you are meant to be. and when things are not always shiny, when you find yourself off course… your lighthouse is a guiding light pointing the way back home.

it is a beautiful and simple symbol that can both change the way we think about the life we are building and also teach us how to build it.

my mission is to inspire you to build a lighthouse. to be a lighthouse.

life is too short to plod along waiting for small changes to happen, waiting for that light switch to magically appear.

this is a revolution because it is time for us to make a new choice.

it is time to rise up against that voice inside that tells us it is better to stay safe, and small, and comfy, and fine. the voice that says: who am i to shine my light? i am nothing special.

it’s time to say: who am i NOT to.

the lighthouse is for anyone who longs to do things differently… do life differently… to have something more out of life than they have right now.

it is not about doing more. we have enough people and places telling us that we have to do more.

it’s about being more. it’s about being YOU.

and it is important to know that we can each shine in many ways.

through building a business or brand, work or career, home or community, relationships or family, charity work or hobbies.

it’s your choice.

there are no rules here.

some of you may want to have a big impact, create change, or leave a legacy. others may think: i don’t want to change the whole world, i just want to improve my world! i just want to be me and be happy.

but i actually think that is how we will change the whole world.

because when you shine your light, simply by living your purpose… by being you, building you, sharing you…

you will give others permission to do the same… to light up!

this will create ripples of light that will indeed be world changing.

imagine a place where every woman, old and young,  stands tall and owns their light in the world.

be you. be a lighthouse.

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