keep taking little steps

last week i wrote about how this lighthouse building stuff is hard work sometimes

this journey that we are on pushes us outside our comfort zone. we have to grow in ways we never could have predicted. 

not only that, there is so much to learn, and so many jobs that need to get done.

some days it feels scary. some days it feels overwhelming. and some days it feels like you work and work and work and you just aren’t getting anywhere.

like you’re going in circles.

i think we often wonder why there isn’t a more direct way to get there, why it can’t be easier to achieve a goal or reach the success we strive for.

but think about this:

picture yourself standing inside the lighthouse, looking up at the top, where you want to be.

if there was a direct ladder straight to the top, it would be freaking hard work to climb it. 

there is a reason they put a circular staircase inside the lighthouse… it is much easier to take one tiny little step at a time.

and even though, as you are climbing those steps, it may seem like you are going round and round and not getting anywhere – you are indeed.

every step is taking you closer to the top of the lighthouse – to your goal, your dream, your vision. 

and if you picture that staircase from above it is a beautiful spiral. when you look at it that way, each step is taking you closer to the center as well. to your core. to who you are in this world and the work you are meant to be doing… your light that you are meant to shine.

when you think about it that way, it’s actually quite profound this work that we are doing here!

and perhaps that helps it to feel less scary, less overwhelming, and certainly less pointless.

the next time you are feeling any of those feelings, take one moment and picture the spiral staircase.

and remember that you are exactly where you need to be on that journey.

every little step you take takes you closer to the top AND to your centre.

you aren’t going around in circles. it’s a spiral. made of tiny little steps.

so just keep marching on. keep climbing. 

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