keep rising

it’s a bit embarrassing to admit this out loud but i was totally wrong about the start of the year. and apparently i keep getting it wrong.

back in january i was all about chilling and dreaming and just BE-ing and it was an awesome month… mentally, emotionally, financially....

i declared, as i always do, ‘feburary the new january’… because that’s always my official start to my new year. and i was so ready.

but then february kind of sucked. a few things i wanted to focus on didn’t happen. business was slow. i didn’t really accomplish what i wanted to.

ok. no problem. we’re just getting started, right? so then i declared ‘march the new january’ and hit the reset button.

fresh new intentions. refocused energy and commitment. ready to make it happen.

and then march started out even worse! 

i had some big life issues to face. one of my projects was a massive flop. i completely shelved another project because my confidence was at an all-time low.

i’ve spent the better part of this month with a huge baditude that i just can’t seem to shake.

i know you know the feeling, because we've all been there... disappointed, dejected, disillusioned... beating yourself up, wondering if you should just give up.

it's not the best place to be. i'm so ready to leave this place.

i asked in a mastermind group that i am part of “can i make ‘april the new january’ or is that just asking too much?” i mean how many restarts do we get?

i got this great reply about how the astrological new year is march 20th... with the equinox. i liked hearing that! i feel like i have a great reason to start fresh with a new mindset and energy and focus this week. 

(i'm going to do our illuminate message today with this intention in mind - so stay tuned for that to get sent to your inbox or look for it here!)

but the truth is we get as many ‘restarts’ as we need. in fact, we get 365 of them a year... one every single day. we can decide… today is the day i start fresh.

today is the day i make a change.

today is the day.

but how?

that’s my focus now. how shift the energy? how do you deal with the shit that knocks you down? and how do you get back up again when you’ve been knocked down?

(ok, now i have that chumbawumba song ‘tubthumpin’ playing in my head… “i get knocked down. but i get up again. you are never gonna keep me down. i get knocked down. but i get up again.” not sure what it says about me that an old school, pub night, drinking song is inspiring me today... but it's a pretty good message, right?)

so how do you get back up again?

resilience? persistence? tenacity? fortitude? perseverance? strength? courage? 


(i like that word. it kind of says it all! it makes me feel like a fighter. it makes me feel like i can tap into my inner warrior and rise from the ashes.)

whatever you want to call it… we need to build it right into our foundation.

because the truth is, we all will fall. it’s part of the journey. getting back up again. and again. and again… is part of the journey.

at my kids’ school they teach students these ‘keys’ which include resilience, persistence, and confidence. i do find it slightly ironic that my 5 year old is telling me i need to ‘bounce back’ when i’m having a bad day!

but if the 5 year old can learn these tools, so can i damn it!

i intend to shift things this week. to have that fresh start. to indeed make ‘april the new january. and to begin again, and to carry on as i mean to go on.

and i intend to practice some actionable strategies to keep rising.

i would rather not ever spend another two months spiraling downwards. i would rather get better at bouncing back just a little more quickly, more effectively… get back up again, and keep going.

i would rather #bealighthouse than a crumbling old mess of 'giving up now.'

and so it is. i will keep rising. i must! afterall, i’ve got work to do in the world. there isn’t really any other option.

has your year been off to a rocky start? what is your best strategy for bouncing back or not giving up? what is the thing that most often knocks you down? do reply - i would so love to hear from you!

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