it's not a tattoo

this is probably the mantra i repeat most often – to myself and to the women i talk with every day.

it’s not a tattoo.

all of the stuff you have been and done and thought and said up until right now?

it’s not a tattoo.

you can change. you can stop. you can start.

all that stuff you are longing to do and explore and try and discuss and BE?

it’s not a tattoo either.

you can try it, test it, have some fun with it, tweak it… experiment a little.

put yourself out there in all of your complete imperfection.

and as you learn more, and do more, and experience more… you can keep changing!

because it’s not a tattoo.

in fact you are supposed to learn and grow and evolve and tweak and play and explore.

you are not supposed to stay permanently stuck.

whatever has you stuck right now, whatever place you are in that feels like YUCK?

that’s also not a tattoo.

that does not have to be your forever thing.

you can choose differently.

you can do differently.

please, give yourself permission today.

make a change.

stop or start.

put it out there.



because it’s not a tattoo.

hey, you might even want to tattoo that somewhere so you can remember it. or at least print it out and post it somewhere visible. 

and the next time that voice in your head says "you can't."  answer: "why not! it's not a tattoo!"

(this mantra was inspired by seth godin who wrote a blog post about tattoo thinking. thanks seth!)

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