it’s a brand new day

a few weeks ago i had minor little screw up that felt like a major deal.

i sent out an email recommending a friend’s awesome product only to discover the link was broken. so then i sent a second “oooops sorry!” email and included the WRONG link in that one! 

holy hell. i was absolutely mortified. 

but i pushed through the fear and sent one final email apologizing for being a total idiot. (you can read it here if you’d like.) i tried to turn it into a learning experience, a chance to talk about fear and the lighthouse revolution, a chance to maybe help others with the stuff they were beating themselves up about.

i also invited people to unsubscribe if they were not digging the lighthouse revolution stuff or the toolbox.

as i mentioned last week – i am working on embracing vulnerability, and this situation was a huge test of that willingness to be vulnerable!

when i woke up the next morning my inbox was full of amazing, lovely replies. (i got 3x the number of supportive emails as i did unsubscribes!) i even had some people say that they were going to unsubscribe until they read the 3rd email.

i learned 2 things that day:

people dig vulnerability. 

when you keep it real – when you are courageous enough to be authentic and open and raw – you keep connecting with people.


every day is a brand new day. 

even if you get it wrong…

even if you make mistakes….

even if you are full of doubt or confusion or frustration…

even if you feel lost or sad or scared or alone…

when you wake up in the morning you get the choice: you can stay in the same crappy place, or you can accept the invitation to have a fresh start and do things differently today. 

is there something you are beating yourself up about right now?

is there something that is really getting you down?

is there something weighing on your mind that you can’t seem to get past?

share it with someone. be vulnerable. open up. get it out. let yourself just feel it and freak out or cry or rant or whine. do what you gotta do. 

and then tomorrow when you wake up, you’ve got a new invitation to shine. you can decide that today is indeed a brand new day, a fresh start, and you can do things or feel things differently. 

it’s up to you. 

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