it is in doing, that we get clarity

one year ago i was at a beach side retreat with my local mastermind group, working on the seed of an idea i had to talk about the lighthouse as a symbol for business.

here’s the brainstorming sheet i created that day (you can see where the name "lighthouse revolution" came from!)

i went home feeling super excited about sharing this whole lighthouse thing. what i longed for (and what i think many of us dream of) is making a difference to someone, and i hoped this story would do that, i hoped it would resonate, and i hoped that it would help someone else out there shine their light.

but then i got home and the fears set in. this is what i wrote in my journal…

fears: my story, my vulnerability, won’t matter to people. no one will care. it will be such a let down. (maybe it is better to keep it just for me and not take the risk that people will think it is stupid!) and what if i can’t ever earn money from this? it will be such a waste of time and energy. and spending time on this will take me away from money earning activities in my biz. what if i don’t meet my financial goals and my biz ends up failing? i will look like such a loser.

of course, i moved passed those fears (the beauty of shining a light on them is that they lose all their power!) and did indeed start talking about the lighthouse revolution.

today, i launch my new online home and my signature online program to help women not just build a business, but build a lighthouse instead.

the lighthouse as a symbol has resonated in ways i could never have imagined… it has been both humbling and profoundly inspiring.

i did of course go on to create profitable products and services with the lighthouse message at the core, and have never once felt like it was a waste of time and energy. in fact i have been inspired to create new financial goals for my biz and to take my biz and the lighthouse revolution to a whole new level.

and to my knowledge, no one thought i was a loser. ;)

how many of us have the seed of an idea brewing right now? a whisper in the back of our mind or a secret dream that has been brewing just below the surface?

what are you doing right now to listen to that whisper?

if you keep ignoring it, those little whispers will eventually turn into big shoves that you cannot ignore! (trust me, i've tried! ha.)

businesses are like a crazy crock pot for brewing ideas because as we build our business we also build ourselves… we evolve. we are meant to.

the step you take right now will lead you to the next one, so don’t be afraid to share that little idea and see where it goes.

the one thing i have learnt this year is that it is in doing that we figure out how to do it.

the more you put your ideas out there the more clarity you get.

you find out what resonates. you find out what your right people are struggling with and how you can help them. you find out what steps you need to take next. you figure out what to focus on, what to change, what to leave behind.

6 months ago i held a local one day event called lighthouse live. last night i was re-watching the video from that event and one of the attendees said this:

“the lighthouse revolution made me realize that it’s ok to be me. i need to be me. i can do things differently than everyone else is (in my niche). i can be a trailblazer. before today i didn’t know that was possible. and now i feel like it’s within reach.”

that woman has indeed gone on to be a trailblazer in her niche, she will soon be the one that everyone else is imitating! and by doing so she has been able to help even more people with her programs and her expertise. it has been amazing to watch!

hearing that comment again, 6 months later, gave me an ah-ha moment. if i had never shared my message in the first place, then she may not have been inspired to share hers in the way she has. and all of the people she has helped wouldn’t have even known about her. and what a loss that would be!

the message you have matters. you are here for a reason, you need to shine your light.

one year ago i could never have predicted that my little seed of an idea would grow into this. i had the thought of just putting the idea out there and seeing what would happen. i am so glad i did. i feel like it has brought me closer to who i am and what i am meant to do in this world. i am not sure exactly where it will take me next, but i trust that i am exactly where i need to be… here at sharing these ideas with you. i am really honoured to have you here.

so my message for you today is this…

start today.

one year from now you might be writing a blog post just like this, being amazed at what unfolded once you took those first little steps!

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