be intentional

since starting my first biz i’ve always had a weird relationship with the word goals. and the word plans, for that matter. the thought of doing a business plan used to make my skin itch… i would picture this super boring, tedious document full of things that i couldn’t really answer, and didn’t actually care about, which just made me feel like a failure before i even begun.

eventually i realized i needed to create my plans my way and i embraced planning… though since i started the lighthouse revolution i prefer to call my plans ‘blueprints’ - they show me what i need to build in order to shine my light.

words have power: i believe that you need to choose the words and write the definitions that you align with, otherwise they do more harm than good!

goals is another one of those words that gives me hives. not that i don’t think it’s good to have goals – i do – i just see that word and i think of setting SMART goals (measurable, timelines, etc.) and immediately this sense of pressure weighs down on me, which automatically makes me start to prepare for failure.

the word that works for me right now is intentions.

i feel like this word is more expansive and also more inclusive: it could represent your goals, your plans, your resolutions, your dreams… the ideas you want to explore, the things you want to change, whatever you are wanting to focus on or develop… however you want to feel!

an intention can be for any part of your life, your work or biz, your home or self. it can be something big, something you have been wanting for yourself for a long time and you are finally ready to focus on it now, or it could be something small… something you just want to keep in mind for today.

an intention could be SMART if you want it to be – you could be very specific and set a time-line and track your progress – or it could simply represent something that you can quite put into words yet but you can definitely tap into what it would feel like, and focus on that.

and an intention is something that you set for your whole year, or for the month or week ahead, or for one day at a time, or for a single project you are working on, or for a strategy you are trying out, or for one of your offers you are making… for anything you’d like really!

it feels right to me, so it’s the word i use. but my whole point is: choose the words (and write the definitions) that work for you. it really does make a difference… words are powerful so choose wisely!

here are some things i am playing with to be more powerful with my intentions.

  • test out the wording to find what works best for you:

word your intention in the present tense, as though it is happening now ( i am, i have, i feel)

word it in the future, as though it has come true (it is Jan 1st 2018 and i…)

word it as a statement of gratitude, as though it has happened (thank you for/i am so thankful for)

  • anchor into your intentions:

write them down each day, write them over and over again

speak them out loud instead of just writing them down

choose an anchor - a physical represent your intention - and hang on to it!

  • be clear... as clear as you can be

what do you want? where are you going? who are you being? how do you want to feel? how do you want to spend your time? what really matters? and WHY?

  • create the blueprints or the map (or the plans!) for making your intention happen:

what steps do you need to take? what strategies do you need to use?

where is the resistance/the obstacles in your path? and how will you clear it?

what do you need to ignite or build up in you to make it happen?

  • find your circle:

share your intention with those who will stand with you in holding that intention, who will hold you accountable to be the woman you need to be for that intention to happen

show up for each other and in front of each other… both offering support and receiving it, holding the space for each other even as you take your own journey… because a rising tide lifts all ships

even with support, the bottom line is that no one can make your intentions happen but you. you must lead yourself, you must rise up by yourself, for yourself.

  • consider all of the components:

the lighthouse reminds me not to only focus on what comes easy to me, or what seems the most important thing right now, but that all of the components matter, and that all strategies (practical, emotional, mindset, energetic, etc.) are worth considering.

my intention for 2017 is to be/feel/act #unstoppable

my intention for the next round of lighthouse live is to have an #impact – supporting others, holding the space, teaching strategies, and offering a powerful framework to make their intentions happen… because incredible things happen when we each shine our light in the world!

my intention for this bog post is to share my own journey in the hope that it might be helpful to someone else… because while i haven’t figured it all out yet, i am willing to keep learning, keep exploring, and keep striving to #bethelighthouse

what intentions do you hold for yourself? how will you anchor into them? what will you do to make them happen? what is getting in your way?

our next round of lighthouse live starts on march 20th – join us with one of your big intentions in mind… we’ll work together over 10 days to create the blueprints and clear the obstacles so you can make it happen.

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