integrity + alignment


the definition that we tend to think of first is the quality of being honest & fair. having strong moral principles. and i definitely think this is important in biz – to be who we say we are, and to do what we say we’ll do.

but another definition keeps coming to mind as i think about the lighthouse we are here to build.

the state of being complete & whole. unimpaired. sound. solid.

how is the integrity of your biz?

your business is the vehicle that helps you share what you do with the world. is the tower that allows your light to shine.

without the light, you don’t have a lighthouse, of course. but the tower is just as important! without it - without a solid, effective business - your light doesn’t reach anyone!

you need to build a business that will allow you, and actually help you, do the work you are here to do, serve the people you are here to serve.

each of us is unique. we have our own unique strengths, we have our own values and purpose, we have very specific ideal customers, we have stuff that lights us up, and other stuff that gets us stuck.

your business has to fit all of that.

your business needs to be in alignment with who you are and what you are here to do.

take a little wander through your lighthouse tower – have a look at the different parts of your business...

your products, your packages, your prices, your delivery methods, your processes, your systems, your partnerships. the places you are spending your time and effort and money and energy.


  • does this fit with what i am trying to build?
  • does it feel solid, and feel “right”, or does it feel wobbly?
  • does this actually help me do what i am here to do?
  • could this be more effective, or serve more people?
  • could someone else do this better, cheaper, with more impact?
  • could i simplify or declutter or tighten things up?

a big part of building a tower with integrity and alignment is permission.

often we do stuff because we feel like we should. or someone coached us to. or someone asked us to. or we thought we would try and see what happens. or we started out that way. or because it felt safe and comfortable.

now it might be time to give yourself permission to adjust what you are building. to start something or stop something or make a change.

if it allows you to do more of what you are here to do, to serve the people you are here to serve, to be more effective & impactful… it’s worth it.


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