give one huge f*ck

warning: this post is ranty. and opinionated. and includes swearing. if you don’t like it, click away!

last week i happened upon this article from the huffington post and it got me thinking.

in praise of women who give all the fucks

what is it you really care about? the thing you would fight to the limit for? that you would give exactly zero fucks if people don’t like or agree with? that would prompt you to unfriend or unfollow people for being dicks? that you actually give a huge fuck about?

right now, the issue that has me really fired up is LGBT equality and acceptance.

which, at the heart, is the RIGHT to BE YOU. to live your life exactly as YOU. to love whoever you want. without shame. without hiding. to never have your light extinguished because of someone else’s definition of, or expectation of, marriage, gender, or sexuality.

there isn’t a specific reason why this issue feels like my fight. i do not have a personal story to share. it has nothing to do with my own journey, my business, or my immediate family.

but i do have best friends and family in the LGBT community. i have kids who are going to grow up in a world of our making. and i have a heart. love is love. love is louder. nothing else should really matter. and i just don't get why it matters... people just want the right to BE. 

this is an issue i give a huge fuck about.

people are actually dying because of shame. because of hate. because of judgement. because they aren't being accepted exactly as they are. because they feel that they cannot live exactly as they are. and that is just simply not ok.

and because i have been so fired up about this, especially over the last couple of weeks in light of marriage equality and transgender acceptance, i’ve spent a bit of time thinking about WHY it matters to me personally.

i can see now that this one issue actually represents my own personal purpose... the big why that drives what i do.

i believe that each of us is here for a reason, that we each have a light we are meant to shine in this world.

you deserve to shine that light. you deserve the freedom to BE YOU and STAND TALL and shine in whatever fucking way you want!

how DARE someone tell you otherwise, based on their own agenda (be it political, religious, business, or personal)?

LGBT equality and acceptance gets me fired up because it is about being YOU. embracing YOU. sharing your voice. shining your light. living the life that you are born to live. loving yourself exactly as you are. feeling worthy. feeling confident. feeling authentic.

it’s about NOT hiding anymore. not allowing your light to be dimmed or extinguished. because life is too fucking short to be anyone but exactly who you are.

that is what my business is about, helping women every single day remember and believe in and express their soul's purpose.... to shine their light in this world. and so, to to see any soul being told that who they are is not allowed, not accepted, not valued... well it pisses me off.

it's not ok.

are there other things that i care about? absolutely! over the years i’ve been passionate about many things:  environmentalism and sustainability, feminism and women's rights, public education and support for public teachers... to name a few. i've always been willing to fight for what i believe in.

but i know now that my job isn’t to fight every battle that there is.

mine is to empower and inspire women to step up and fight the battles that they give one huge fuck about. to raise their voice, to be visible, and to shine a light on that one thing that really drives them… their purpose, their why, their mission.

this is my purpose. to help others find and fight for theirs. this is what i am really fucking passionate about.

last week caitlyn jenner stepped into the spotlight, standing tall and strong and bright on the cover of vanity fair to say #callmecaitlyn. my wish is that we may we each have that “vanity fair moment” in our journey.

to come forward and say...

here i am world. this is me. this is what i want the world to know. this is what i want to shine a light on. i am done hiding. i am done being small and insignificant and inauthentic. i am here to shine, exactly as i am.

and the best part is that you don’t have to wait for vanity fair! you can start now. start today. open your blog or your email or your favourite social platform, and share your message.

your fight doesn’t have to be massive. you don’t have to change the whole world. but you can change ONE world. you can change the world for one person, in some way, with whatever it is you do.

give one huge fuck. decide what you are here to fight for.

this song is playing loudly as i type this blog post, it's my anthem at the moment. have a listen, i hope it inspires you as much as it does me.

this is my fight song. what’s yours?

ps – i am going to do a free live class next week on sharing your message - your purpose, your light, your fight – in a way that resonates. so that you can connect with people who want and need what you do, and so you can get what you do out into the world in a bold way. click here to sign up for the free live class – it will be recorded and i am taking questions in advance!