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we have 2 months left of 2017.

how do you want to finish the year? what do you want to focus on through the end of this year? what will set you up now for your intentions for 2018?

i have been asking myself these questions today.

there is a little voice in my head that pipes up every year around this time… a voice that whispers “dude. just chill. it’s pretty well the end of the year. you should just coast… no need to start anything new, no need to keep working, no need to keep trying. i mean, why bother? just give up now. start fresh in january. next year will be your year to rock.”

that voice talks a bunch of shit.

we still have time. and there is no better time than NOW to start… or to finish what you’ve started.

november has some cool energy behind it. we are in a ‘1 year’ which is all about beginnings. and we are in an 11 month – which amplifies the 1 energy.

i think this - today, or this week even - is such a great opportunity to have a think about what you really want to focus on for the rest of this year… and show the universe you mean business!

try this:

reflect – think back to the start of the year, perhaps pull out your notebooks or planners. look at the goals, plans, and intentions you set for yourself.

focus – is there anything from your plans that you could still begin now? is there something that you started this year that you could now finish? is there something you still want to do this year – especially with this energy of new beginnings?

consider – it could be a physical project, it could be a mindset thing you want to work on, it could be a new habit or daily practice, it could be one of your goals or plans or ‘to dos’

decide – how will you make time to work on this thing? schedule it into your daily plans? do a 30 day challenge for yourself this month? set aside some time in the coming weeks?

declare – share out loud with someone your plans to finish this year STRONG and anchor into what you are stating to the universe by doing so – are you saying “see, i told you this matters!” or “watch me, i am so ready for the next step!” or perhaps “i am ready to finish this year the way i want to begin the next…”

and that in itself is pretty powerful isn’t it?

how will you finish 2017 strong?

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