find your message

you are here to shine your light.

this is is really the whole point of the lighthouse revolution, why i urge you to not just build a business, but build a lighthouse instead.

you have some purpose here in this lifetime, something you are meant to do, to share, to offer. and it is your job to share that thing with the world.

just like the lighthouse, it is your job to beam a signal out to the boats that need it.

and in order to do that you need to be really clear on the message that you want to send, on what it is you want to SAY about what you do and why. 

and sometimes that can be the hardest thing!

what is your message?

here are 3 little tricks that might help…

1. what are you the queen of?

one of my favourite things to do while i am walking is to listen to TED talks. so many amazing messages shared! one of my all-time favourites is brene brown on the power of vulnerability. in her follow up talk to that one, brene describes how a woman at a shop pointed at her and exclaimed vulnerability ted! vulnerability ted!…  “i became Vulnerability TED, like an action figure -- like Ninja Barbie, but I'm Vulnerability TED”

what would you be known as? what would your action figure be? what would your super hero name be? what would you be the “queen of”?

this self-imposed title may change over time, but knowing that you are the queen of ____  can help you figure out what it is you need to be talking about, with a title like that! imagine yourself at TED, what would your message be?

2. what would your quotables be?

i recently read lisa messenger’s book “daring & disruptive” (and i have just purchased her new book "life & love” and i have got to tell you that these books are gorgeous. interspersed within the written chapters are these hand written messages that really highlight the themes of each chapter. 

you see this sort of thing in magazines as well – when a person is interviewed the designer takes a few key messages and uses them as “call outs” or that enlarged, hightlighted text that jumps out of the page.

what would your highlighted text be? what would be your key *take away* messages from an interview or a book? what would you be proud to see posted as a quote image by someone on pinterest?

when you start to imagine your words as a gorgeous quote tucked in the pages of a book, or displayed in a magazine it can really help you get clear on what it is you want to say, what your message needs to be!

3. talk. talk. and talk some more.

it can be really tricky sometimes to get clarity around our message, to sort out what it is we really want to say. and sometimes, because we don’t have it figured out, we don’t say much at all. 

but the only way to find the words is to start talking. it is in sharing the message that the right words will eventually come to more effectively share the message! 

it’s like exercise. when you first start going to a gym or that first yoga class you feel like a bit of a loser. you’re muscles are weak, you have no idea what you are even doing, and all round it is a bit awkward. but you keep going. and it gets easier. you get stronger. you learn exactly what to do to get results.

this message stuff is the exact same. the more you talk about what you do and why, the easier it gets, the more clarity you get, and the stronger you message becomes. 

it is in talking, that you find the right words.

so do something today to share your message. start now!

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