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confession time: through most of may-aug i had really lost my mojo. i was feeling like i had lost my direction and lost my clarity and lost my impact. i was hoping that some space and time and distance (including some time to just hide in my bed for a while!) would give me some clarity but that didn't work.

this is what worked. i decided that even though i had no clarity/direction/impact that i could just show up and help someone. and so that became my goal. my mantra.

just show up and help someone today.

and i did it every day. even though i wanted to keep hiding in my bed. and then one day i realized my mojo was coming back. and then one day i remembered my impact. and then one day i realized i had some purpose again.

i say i want to help people shine. so i needed to show up and help people.

finally having some mojo back i’ve been getting the lighthouse oracle deck ready to launch… this has been my ‘shooting start project’ – that little dream inside of me that was just waiting to be brought to life. and i’ve been excited about it!

and then last week, on the day i ws ready to kickoff the kickstarter, 58 people were tragically, horrifically killed in a mass shooting in las vegas.

i wanted to hide in my bed again.

on a day like that, we can often feel so fucking helpless. it's all too big to fix, it's all so hard, where do we even begin?

and the work we do do might seem insignificant, frivolous even. i am meant to be talking about my new oracle deck. you might be talking about make-up or skin care or artwork or websites or money blocks or biz strategy.

but i am reminded of this quote from mr rogers...

"When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, 'Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping. To this day, especially in times of disaster, I remember my mother’s words, and I am always comforted by realizing that there are still so many helpers — so many caring people in this world." — Fred Rogers

just show up and help someone today.

don't think about how insignificant your thing feels... remember how important it is to help someone with your thing. focus on how you help people.

the world needs changing.

and that feels massive sometimes. and maybe our work doesn't feel all that world changing. maybe you just want to change the world for one other person. maybe you just want to change YOUR world.

and that is the perfect starting point actually.

to change the world we must first change ourselves. the work starts within. 

anything you can do to begin to change your world is very important work. it's one of the reasons i have been so excited to bring the lighthouse oracle deck to life. yes it's inspiring. yes it's pretty. yes it reminds you to shine. 

but more than that is helps you to do your inner work. the illuminate process that i teach with the deck really is such a powerful and empowering process - to explore your resistance, to 'spiral with your stuff' as i like to say, and look at what you need to ignite, align, strengthen, heal, clear, or shift withing yourself. 

it starts with us. and we all need tools to do the work.

so anything that you offer to someone that helps them be the person they are here to be, that helps them to shine brighter in the world, that helps them heal or shift or grow or evolve or get ignited, that helps them to rise up and speak out and teach and share and help someone else...

well that matters. 

last week i gave myself permission to be sad and angry, to feel lost and uncertain, to hide in my bed for a little while. but then i also gave myself permission to shine my light... to talk about the ways i want to help other people shine... because the light is all we have to illuminate the darkness.

if you are feeling lost, frustrated, confused, uncertain, scared, helpless, questioning, no mojo…

try it.

just show up and help someone today.

just try it every day… try it for 10 days, for 30 days. see what happens.

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