embrace the elements

remember you are elements.png

remember that you are earth...

you are here to grow. ground. plant. nourish. nurture. harvest.

be where your feet are… where you are right now is exactly where you are meant to be.

remember that you are fire...

you are here to transform. kindle. ignite. stoke. spark. burn.

find what fuels your fire… fan the flames of inner passion and purpose.

remember that you are water...

you are here to heal. flow. feel. soothe. cleanse. immerse.

move through life with ease… surrender to the direction of the tides, allow your path to unfold.

remember that you are air...

you are here to rise. breathe. expand. focus. aim. soar.

be the leader of your own life… set sight on your dreams and help them take flight.

remember that you are light...

you are here to shine. illuminate. inspire. guide. empower. radiate.

tune in and turn on your inner light… connect to the divine source of all light.

karen guntonComment