celebrate good times, come on!

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(did i get that song stuck in your head?)

celebration is a powerful, powerful mindset tool – one that is often overlooked. we will do celebration at certain times because it feels appropriate, even fun, but we don’t do it to the extent that we could... we don't do it with enough intention, with enough purpose.

this is the magic of celebration:

when we celebrate our success we train our brains to believe we are worthy and deserving of success.

when we celebrate our strengths, our gifts, our talents, our service we train our brains to believe that what we offer the world has value.

when we celebrate who we are, as we are, we train our brains to believe that who we are is actually perfectly enough.

and so we must celebrate... on purpose, with intention.

celebrate the evidence that you have amassed over the years of all of the ways that you shine. celebrate those moments of courage, those periods of action taking, those times that you felt guided or on purpose… celebrate the reminders of your inner strength, of your creativity, of your dreams coming true!

the truth is that we carry around with us a massive load of evidence of all of our short comings – we carry around the proof of our failures, the moments of rejection, the reminders of everything we can’t do and didn’t do and aren’t doing well – these things stick with us.

but we rarely carry around the evidence of our success – yah, we might celebrate for a moment but then we move on from that and pick up all that heavy ‘baggage’ once again, full of all of the proof our ‘not enoughness’.

we ought to give at least equal space to carrying around the evidence of our brilliance… if not more!

here's why: each moment you celebrate creates a snapshot for your lifetime “album” of achievement. it’s the whole album that becomes important (not just one picture of failure or rejection or not good enough).

celebrate your wins, your successes, your achievements and accomplishments. even the very smallest of wins, even the little steps you take along the way. notice more of these moments… and celebrate them!

if you do celebrate - this is a nudge to amplify your efforts wherever you are at. if you’ve been celebrating big moments, add in more small ones. if you’ve been celebrating by quietly patting yourself on the bag, start sharing them out loud (remember your zones of comfort and expand outwards!) – there is more power and a greater shift in you when you share your celebration publicly, you own it by sharing it!

celebrate your strengths, your talents, your gifts, your zone of genius… celebrate the difference you make and the way that you help people and the way that you are uniquely you. own it by sharing it... say out loud – did you know that one of my special talents is xyz? or say – this is the feedback i received today, i am really honoured to help in this way.

when people tell you they love what you do, believe them!  just think, when you tell someone that you love what you do, you mean it right? so don’t brush it off as luck, as them being nice, or as no big deal. your light matters, so own that. practice NOT brushing off compliments, thanks, or kudos. say out loud: thank you. i am glad to help with that, or i am glad to know that.

celebrate yourself with more self-love. you don’t have to wait for someone to tell you that you matter – you can speak those words to yourself. you can love yourself with what you say to yourself, with your acts of self-love, even with your awareness… look in the mirror and see all of the ways you are beautiful and strong and unique (rather than the short-comings). practice loving yourself up instead of beating yourself up.

if we want others to think we are worthy, valuable, deserving, enough… we must first think these things of ourselves. we need to engage in radical self-love, we need to celebrate the abundance of not just what we have, and what we do, but of who we are… because abundance is enoughness.

it’s time to believe in your own brilliance. the more you celebrate you the more you build that belief in yourself.

join us for 12 days of reflection where we will indeed spend one of those days celebrating, but in a way that you probably haven't before! i am going to stretch you here with a fun and eye opening activity! 

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