how to be badass

in september 2011, i posted the original version of this photo along with the orginal blog post entitled how to be badass. you can see and read it here.

this was the first quote image i ever made for my biz blog.

(this was before *quote images* were even a thing. this was the sort of photo that got me starting a photography biz, and the sort of thing i loved creating for my clients, and myself!)

i felt called to create and share this image, thinking that perhaps i could use photos and quotes to inspire other women in biz on their journey.

looking back, it was one of those pivotal moments in my biz journey… one that led me to where i am now.

here’s the story i shared about this image:

my 3 year old daughter has got a really quirky sense of fashion that never fails to entertain us, and she definitely has a mind of her own. i let her choose her own clothes because a.) it's not a battle worth having and b.) it is a safe and harmless way for her to exert her independence.

71 days ago she picked out this 'ballerina swimsuit' while shopping, and has barely taken it off since. just for the couple of hours it takes to wash and dry, really. it wasn't so bad when we were in canada where it was summer, but it is not summer yet here in australia. she wears it to preschool, to the shops, out for dinner, you name it. we get a lot of looks in the shopping centre and a lot of comments about how cold she must be. and when it starts looking particularly ratty i get my share of judgey looks, usually from other mums or women.

but each day that comes and she insists on wearing her ballerina swimsuit i admire her more and more. to be 3 and to not give a crap what other people think of you, to wear something you love because you really love it, to completely ignore other people's comments about the cold, or the stains or the interesting choice of accessories... well i really think it is pretty freaking awesome. and i hope she doesn't change.

i think it is pretty badass to be who you are - no apologies, no regrets. and every time i look at my crazy little girl i am going to remind myself of that. 

a few weeks ago i came across a biz symposium happening here in australia. the website says that it is going to be *different* - unlike any other biz event you’ve attended. they were looking for dynamic speakers who were willing to put themselves *out there* with a twist of silly, frivolity, and fun.

as i was reading that, i thought: oh there is no way i can apply to be a speaker. that’s just not *me*.

i was about to close the website when i came to the point that asked: would you be willing to dress up to speak on stage, for instance in a onesie or a tutu?

with crystal clarity, the image of my daughter in a tutu and a caption about being badass popped into my head (an image that i hadn’t thought about in years).

it was an absolute ah-ha moment.

i used to identify as badass.

i used to identify as bold and fearless and unapologetic.

i was the girl who would get up on the table top in the middle of the local pub to sing along with whatever fun song came on the speaker.

i was vocally opinionated, passionate about all sorts of issues, and the girl you didn't mess with because i didn't put up with shit, from anyone, ever.

i was the newbie blogger who said nope i am not using capitals and i really don’t care if you don’t like it because i am being me… no apologies.

what happened to that girl?

what happened to feeling badass?

i am not sure what the last thing i did that counts as badass!

so today, symbolically, i am pulling on my big girl tutu and a funky pair of gumboots and boldly marching out onto centre stage. 

i am exploring what it means to be so fully and unapologetically ME that it feels badass once again. i am wondering what badass looks like, and feels like, and acts like in my life now. i'd like to try to uncover the badass ME parts of me that are lost or hidden away.

i am grateful to be inspired by this image & quote once again (it’s funny how we come full circle!) and i hope you are too.

what would it look like in your life if you were just that little bit more YOU today, just a bit more badass than you already are?

let's try it, shall we?

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