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even though i wrote the book on being a lighthouse – standing tall and lighting up - i don’t always get it right. like everyone, i have crap days. i feel tossed around by the storms of life. i get off track and forget to shine. i respond to challenges and annoyances from a dark place.

i love what gabby b says: "it’s not about living in the light all of the time, it’s about your come back rate."

our challenge is to catch ourselves in that downward spiral, or that dark place, or the middle of that storm, and to choose to come back to our light.

but how?

here’s how i do it.

i hang on to my anchor. i let my anchor bring me back to my light.

i first try to get really clear on my intention: what it is i want to remember, what it is i am working towards or wanting to focus on, my goal or my project or my desire…

and then i actually choose a physical talisman or touchstone to act as my anchor for that intention… something i truly can hold on to or say out loud or see right in front of me. here are some ideas…


i love to choose a single word as my anchor. i always choose a word for the year… i love having that one word to guide my path and anchor me back into my goals and dreams for the year. alternatively you could choose a phrase, a mantra, or even make up a hashtag for yourself. the more you say it out loud, write it down, display it on your walls… the more powerful the anchor it is!


my favourite physical object to use as an anchor is a crystal – i love that each crystal has its own meaning… its own properties. i also love to use jewellery as an anchor – each time i touch my ring, my necklace, my bracelet i am reminded of the meaning of that piece... i come back to my light. colours can be powerful anchors too – each having their own meanings and associations – choose an object for it’s colour!


scents are very powerful anchors – tied closely to our emotions, to our memories, to our desires. densise duffield-thomas asked the other day: “what does your goal smell like? mine smells like the beach!” and i LOVE that! i use essential oils as anchors every day – choosing an intention for the day and then choosing an oil to support and remind me of that intention.


music is another powerful anchor – again closely tied to emotions, memories, and more. choose a theme song for yourself (your goal… your intention) and play it every time you need to get back to that ignited feeling, back to your light. if you need some music inspiration, check out the #lighthouserevolution spotify playlist.


of course vision boards are already a very popular tool for anchoring into your goals & dreams… we know they work! but you can simply even choose one image or photo to represent your intention – a photo that reminds you of what you are working towards, a photo of a person who inspires you, or a photo that symbolizes your why.


animals can be powerful totems – each evoking their own meanings, symbolism, and intentions. you might already have an animal totem that appears in your life – find out what that animal is trying to remind you of! or you can choose one as a talisman – wear your animal in some way or display it in your workspace.

anchors are personal… choose whatever you like. it has meaning because you say it does.

the point is, choose something to remind you of your light: your strengths & gifts, your purpose & passion, your goals & dreams…

use your anchor to remember where you want to go, who you want to be, what you want to do or have, and why.

give yourself something solid and powerful to hang on to as you find yourself tossed by the waves, hammered by the storm, or lost in the darkness.

your anchor will bring you home again… back to your lighthouse.

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