amplify you

i know this is business, and business is business. we are in it for profit (we are not volunteers after all), we want to achieve some sort of success (whatever that looks like to you!), we maybe even want to grow big enough to sell, or franchise, or have employees and teams.

but it is also personal.

this journey is personal. there is a reason we decided to go out on our own, to take this crazy, difficult, unknown path of building a business. there is a passion, a desire to serve or help others, a desire to make a change, not just for others, but for ourselves too. it is personal.

and so we must put ourselves out there in new and bolder ways. we must, in order to connect with the people that care about the same things we do, in order to get what we do in front of the people who need it.

sometimes when i talk with women in biz i talk about the need to amplify your brand and amplify your message – to think about what it is you want to be known for, to find your signature things, to use repetition and consistency and simplicity to share what you do loud and clear. to not be bland – because there are so many brands and messages scrolling through people’s feeds and lives, we can’t let business be bland… bland is forgettable.

but there is something else you can amplify.

amplify you.

the stuff that you are passionate about

the stuff that makes you weird or different

the stuff that you would talk about even if no one ever paid you

the stuff that gets you fired up and makes you want to change the world

the stuff that goes through your head late at night that you don’t share with others

the stuff that lights you up inside

the stuff that makes you want to scream out in rage or frustration

the stuff that makes you feel vulnerable.

this stuff is really, really personal, i know. and we often feel like we can’t get too personal, that we need to be professional if we want to be taken seriously. or like we can’t be controversial, or vulnerable, or open and real and raw, because that’s not what professional entrepreneurs do.

but i disagree.

i think the reason we connect with icons like oprah, or ellen, or richard branson, or tony robbins, or… (well you fill in the blank. who do you absolutely admire?) … the reason we connect with them so powerfully is because they allow themselves to get personal.

they take that stuff that makes them who they are – the stuff that they are passionate about but feel vulnerable sharing – they share it anyways, and they share it often… any chance they get. and they become known for the stuff they are passionate about, and they build their businesses around sharing their passion & purpose with the world.

to amplify means to strengthen, to enhance, to intensify, to heighten.

picture being able to put a megaphone up to your mouth and to be able to get your message, your biz, your brand, your product out there in a bolder, louder way. that is what we all want, isn’t it? that’s what we aim to do with our marketing, selling, and branding efforts.

and who is holding the megaphone?


you are the most unique part of your business.

it is your light after all that needs to shine. without it your business is merely an empty structure. but with it, you’ve got a lighthouse.

be you. share you. amplify you.

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